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Football and rugby scolarship

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Westlondondad74 Sun 01-Apr-18 22:55:57

Hello All
My son already goes to a prep school in London. He has been consistently in the A football and rugby teams over the past years. Very recently we have been approached by his local coach, who suggested we take him to a proper academy test. We are a little bit scared and agnostic, as we don’t want our son to over-focus on his football but we also see the potential upside in terms of scholarship at top senior schools. Anybody with specific experience in this theme? Any advice will be welcome!

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Sunshine5050 Mon 02-Apr-18 10:53:31

It's very common for the dc taking part in entrance exam sports scholarships during year 6 to be Academy level in football. If you look at the sports scholarship criteria you often need 2 references in 2 sports from coaches. Yes definitely put him forward for an academy trial, the time allocated to training/matches is quite compatible with the secondary school entrance process (the private schools want all rounders with lots of interests and talents).

Westlondondad74 Mon 02-Apr-18 20:42:48

Thank you, sunshine5050. Very helpful.

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