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Appeals deadline help

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admission Tue 27-Mar-18 21:39:50

You need to look at it from the LA's position. They will have lots and lots of people considering an appeal and then lots actually deciding to appeal and fill the form in. Getting everybody to fill the form and be prescriptive about how, when etc helps them because everything becomes more consistent and easier to handle. Admission appeals are a major logistically problem within a relatively short period of time.
But the LA cannot make you do it as they want, the guidance simply says you have the right to appeal and so there is nothing wrong with doing what PatriciaHolm says and submit a short summary. Give youself a bit more time to think carefully and logically about what your appeal needs to say which will present your appeal in the best possible light.
I would also make the point that the cut off date for appeals is not actually a real cut off date. You can appeal at any time and the admission authority has to arrange the appeal within set laid down parameters. What the cut off date does is regulate the flow of appeals and arrange that all appeals submitted by the cut-off date are then held at one time so it is fair to all. If you submit a late appeal then you will get an appeal but you will potentially have to wait for up to 30 school days (6 weeks) for the appeal which could easily put you the other side of the summer break.

PatriciaHolm Tue 27-Mar-18 20:35:19

It's fine - write a short summary and say evidence and full statement will follow. This is really just so the LA know how many appeals they need to schedule.

user89940404 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:06:47

So we are appealing to our first choice school for DS and the deadline is tomorrow.
I have not yet prepared a statement because the council website says you need to admit any evidence by 4 days before the appeal.
so I was just going to write the below on the appeal form

"We do not believe that to admit CHILD’s NAME to SCHOOL NAME would prejudice
efficient education or lead to an inefficient use of educational resources. A
comprehensive appeal statement will be submitted in advance of the Appeal Hearing"

And then send the statement on later when I've had a chence to properly prepare it.

BUT then I've gone to the appeals form on the council website and it says the below on it:

"Section 2 - Reasons for your appeal
Your request for a place has been refused and to admit your child would cause
prejudice to the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources in the
school. Please note - no places are ‘reserved’ for children who are successful at
appeal, therefore the independent appeals panel are looking for exceptional reasons
why your child should be given a place at the school. Please set out your grounds for
your appeal. Continue on a separate piece of paper if necessary. Send us any
evidence you feel might be relevant."

I am now panicking that I've basically got only tonight to write the statement that nay decide DS's future.
can someone put my mind at rest please?

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