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GCSE Media vs. Level 2 ICT

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mummyeme Tue 27-Mar-18 18:40:20

Hoping someone can help. Dd is in a quandary about her last option. She was keen on ICT it's a level 2 course and GCSE equivalent but not a GCSE or the alternative is Media Studies GCSE (she's more keen on the ICT side of this). Worried that with ICT being a non GCSE it will effect her uni application as she wants to go into veterinary science ultimately and knowing how competitive that is she needs to have the strongest application.
Please does anyone have experience of either?
Thanks in advance

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titchy Tue 27-Mar-18 19:13:00

Either! Won't make a jot of difference as long as she has 7 or 8 top grade 'standard' subjects (ie maths, eng, mfl, science, humanities).

mummyeme Wed 28-Mar-18 04:20:58

Thank you smile

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PersianCatLady Wed 28-Mar-18 05:33:51

Did your DD have the option of doing GCSE Computer Science?

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