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Wellington college house advice

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draggies Tue 27-Mar-18 10:57:17

Would anyone who has any children at Wellington be able to offer any advice about houses? We have a son who has been offered a place for 13+ (2020) and a set of identical twin girls who will hopefully follow a year later. Can anyone shed any light on how we go about deciding? Wellington want us to choose 2 to go and look at but we don’t know where to start other than possibly choosing one that right in the middle of the campus. Many thanks for any advice.

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draggies Mon 02-Apr-18 00:05:34

Hi there, is there anyone out there with any advice on Wellington College boys houses? Many thanks

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InterestedInStuff Mon 30-Apr-18 12:46:07

It's hard to get advice on Houses as the children are fiercely supportive of their own Houses so would push their own as best - wonderful house competitions which keep them all tight and supportive in house - so it will be personal preference. It's worth visiting an "in" house - one that is in the centre of the school and the students take all their meals in the dining room and are close to lessons and an "outer" house where they take their meals in house and its a bit of a walk to main school. If your child is organised and efficient - an out house will work well - if disorganised having an in house to nip back to when they've forgotten something is less stressful. Wellington will give you a third one to visit. Then it's anyone's guess what you end up with as they will choose for you - sibilings get priority so if a child has a brother/sister in the house already - they get priority over children without sibilings. Hope that helps.

dolphin50 Fri 11-May-18 20:17:02

Talbot house seems the best to me. Re-built in 2003 in the gardens of the original House, the Talbot is set away from the hustle and bustle of the main school, and provides a tranquil retreat from the stresses of day to day student life. Near to a serene lake, peaceful woodlands and some of the school’s best playing fields, the House is conveniently situated next to the outdoor swimming pool, open during the summer months. The House has some of the best accommodation in the College and the south facing views from the ‘Piazza del Talbot’ overlooking the lake provides a great spot for our Saturday summer barbeques. In addition, the brilliantly spacious, oak-panelled, in-house dining room is the venue for breakfast and supper for the Talbot’s students. The Talbot is an eclectic and exciting boarding and day House for 65 boys, and Talbotians are renowned for their friendly and welcoming approach, industrious work ethic and dedication to social and personal development. A strength of the Talbot is not only the good relations fostered within year groups but the positive rapport across year groups. If there was to be a House motto it would be, ‘Treat others as you would have them treat you’.

Brie Sun 13-May-18 23:05:02

I will pm you.

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