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Parentpay - Paid £250 for school meals - Son now takes packed lunch - Can I get money back?

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mmzz Thu 29-Mar-18 21:19:16

I did this last year. School meal payments are the exception and are up to the caterer to refund, not the school.
The caterer refunds it to parent pay and then parent pay refunds it to the card you paid it with.

Malbecfan Thu 29-Mar-18 14:20:02

You need to contact the school. I have been able to transfer balances for certain items to other things, even between my children.

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 29-Mar-18 06:54:23

That must be a school decision. I looked last year (only had a few pounds left on ds's lunch account), and it said to contact the school. Parentpay don't have any power over the money once it's been paid.

Witchend Thu 29-Mar-18 00:57:16

I suspect they won't. I believe (after some irate people last year) that they don't refund anything left when your child leaves.

Verbena37 Wed 28-Mar-18 12:21:10

The parent pay website tells you to contact you’re school and they will refund you.
DS left mid year and they popped it onto dd’s Account but you can just as easily remove money.

Doofenschmirtz Mon 26-Mar-18 19:35:45

Our school has given me refunds for various things paid for on Parentpay.

I would ask your son's school and see what they say.

noblegiraffe Mon 26-Mar-18 18:47:52

Contact the school and ask if it can be refunded. It should be possible.

Johnb0y Mon 26-Mar-18 18:38:13

As it says ... he does spend some money at school but I'd rather get most of the money out.

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