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Derbyshire Prep and Senior Schools

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wingingitwithkids Thu 22-Mar-18 14:05:11

We are looking at moving ds (x2) and dd to private ed, either during their primary years (currently y4 and y2) or when dd is in y7. Local secondary is dire. Absolutely confused by options! Very sporty kids and one musical. Looking at S.Anselms, Denstone, Derby High and Abbotts Bromley (Staffs). Repton seems too big a step. Any parents out there with kids in the schools? Sick of reading the prospectus! Such a big step as was secondary followed by uni, all the way for me and hubster.

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marialuisa Thu 22-Mar-18 16:26:39

St Anselm is quite a distance from Denstone....Would you move? Depending on where you are perhaps add Trent College and Ockbrook to the list? Derby High/Ockbrook wouldn’t be obvious choices for sporty/musical kids because of size and facilities. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.

clary Fri 23-Mar-18 00:53:32

Don't know about private schools but I do know about state schools in Derbyshire.

Private for three DC would be upwards of £60k a year, no? Have you considered moving to catchment of a better state school? Even if this meant your mortgage doubled from (random figures) £1500 to £3000 that would still be a lot cheaper. I am thinking Ecclesbourme, Littleover, Chellaston, west park?

wingingitwithkids Fri 23-Mar-18 20:49:48

Thanks - yes we have looked at moving (Right Move addict!), at the moment we are somewhere between Denstone and S.Anselms on route for mini bus routes, (just about) and are weighing up areas and also options of boarding in senior years if needed. We liked the idea of smaller class sizes as one of our children would particularly benefit from this. We have heard great things about Denstone in terms of academics and S.Anselms in terms of family feel. Wanted to research before going along to all the open days and showing the kids etc, in case they set their hearts on them etc.

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marialuisa Sat 24-Mar-18 13:58:44

Sent a pm to you

Bashstreetmum Sun 25-Mar-18 23:19:28

Heard good things about both. Also Denstone is a sports school and it has a prep school called Smallwood Manor. Don't know what the prep is like.

wingingitwithkids Thu 29-Mar-18 15:52:44

Thank you all - much appreciated and MariaLuisa for your Pm x

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