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Any recent experience

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Spongetoe Fri 16-Mar-18 19:02:17

Does anyone have any recent experience on Shiplake College? We're going to the Open Day tomorrow but really not sure what to expect. The fact it doesn't have a library horrifies me but our current Head has recommended it along with Kings Bruton, Cheltenham College and Gordonstoun.

We're looking for somewhere with loads of opportunity for a dyslexic chap to find his niche.

Thanks in advance . . .

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Allthebestnamesareused Fri 16-Mar-18 20:13:24

My dyslexic dsd did very well there and is now in his second year uni. They were very supportive and allowed him to drop the compulsory MFL to concentrate on his English

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 16-Mar-18 20:13:58

Sorry dss not dsd

Spongetoe Fri 16-Mar-18 23:06:05

Thanks. Did he full board? How is it pastorally?

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Spongetoe Sat 17-Mar-18 17:26:35

Ok, we went to the Open Day. We're not sure what to think. The boys we spoke to (not all of whom were "guides") were happy, confident and really lovely. However . . . . and over the years we've visited many senior schools . . . we have never, ever been to a more staged Open Day and what an utterly repulsive Head.

Some parts of the school were really strong though. We are quite confused.

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happygardening Sat 17-Mar-18 17:58:38

We looked at years ago for DS1 I was totally underwhelmed. DS1 discussed his "dyslexia" with the SENCO who totally failed to listen to what he was saying all he kept talking about was practice with reading and comprehension and DS1 kept saying neither of those were an issue for him. Frankly I also felt was rather limp, and the number of full boarders was also very low. In fairness this was over 10 years ago so it might be different now but I cant imagine number of full boarders has improved because that would be going against the general trend so I suspect its only got worse.

Schoolsearch2015 Fri 30-Mar-18 11:45:53

Interested to hear your thoughts on Kings Bruton. It’s on our list for 2019 start.

mastertomsmum Fri 30-Mar-18 13:37:23

Generally speaking, I don’t think a mainstream independent school could ever be better than a state school for the majority of those with additional or special needs. Also, boarding isn’t a great idea if - as a parent - one wants to keep a good overview.

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