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A quick plea to check my appeal reasons please

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Someappealadviceplease Wed 14-Mar-18 13:33:51

Hello - I'm sorry I know there are lots of threads on this, but I'm really hoping someone who understands appeals might just check this before I send it off.
My DD was not allocated any of our three choices- a shock, but this is London so anything can happen. We'd like to appeal our top two choices. I've visited the secondary she has been allocated and talked extensively (by email so I have the transcripts) about what is offered there.

As a result I think my appeal ground are as follows

1. She wants a faith school. We met the faith criteria for the school she wants but then it goes on banded distance. It's the only school where we can access a faith place as we are neither CofE nor Catholic, but this school has church places for those of our denomination and no-where else near enough does. We have a letter from our pastor confirming her lifetime attendance at church, etc etc.

2. She wants to study two MFLs
She's on the gifted and talented list for MFL at her school and learns a language out of school - she's not bilingual but is conversational and has attended a Saturday school in that language. The school we are appealing for allows two foreign languages and poss three. The school we have only allows one - but may (if there is demand) allow two. We have letter from current school head stating she is gifted at MFL.

3. She needs a broad curriculum
The school my daughter has been allocated allows only 9 GCSES but one MUST be compulsory RS taken in Year 10. It also wants children of dds standard to take EBacc. This means that, if she were there and they did change the rules so she could take two MFLs she couldn't take Music as the requirement for History or Geography would take up her last option place. I have confirmation from the allocated school for this on email.

4. There is no musical peer group
DD plays an instrument to Grade 3 and would like to study music at GCSE. The school she wishes to attend has an orchestra for children above grade 3 (she plays an orchestral instrument). The school she has been allocated has "a smattering" (again from email in school) of children across year groups who play instruments, but no orchestra or opportunities for children to play together. This means she would not be able to meet the ensemble requirement for GCSE music, further limiting her choices.

5. She wants to take triple science
Offered by the school she wants. Not currently offered by the one she has been allocated. Email from head of KS3 says they 'may' consider it, but would have to be after school.

6. Lack of access to books
School library at school she likes has literature at her level. Email from head of KS3 at allocated school states that they need to restock library as literature is all targetted at 'low prior attainers' because that is the current cohort.

Are these reasonable reasons and should they be in that order? I'd also add that because the school I want is in London, places do come up quite often later on, so I wouldn't expect the school to remain over PAN for many months.

Any help very gratefully received.

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prh47bridge Wed 14-Mar-18 14:16:04

She wants a faith school

This reason is very week. Include it if you want but don't lead with it. What she wants isn't relevant at appeal. What matters is whether she will be disadvantaged if she doesn't go to this school.

She wants to study two MFLs

This is the kind of thing you need. The evidence of being gifted at MFLs makes this a strong point, as does the fact the appeal school will definitely allow her to take two MFLs whereas it is less certain at the allocated school.

She needs a broad curriculum

Not as strong as the MFL point but worth including.

There is no musical peer group

This is another strong point. Again, you have evidence of your daughter's interest in music and her musical achievement. This school has things that will support her, the allocated school doesn't.

She wants to take triple science

A good point but not as strong as MFLs and music. A lot can change between now and GCSEs.

Lack of access to books

Worth including. Again, not as strong as MFLs and music.

Personally I would lead with MFLs and music as they are your strongest points. Put the fact she wants a faith school last - that is your weakest point.

The appeal panel is not allowed to admit on the basis that pupils will leave bringing the school back below PAN. I wouldn't put that in your case at all. If you want to bring it up, do so by questioning the school's representative in the hearing.

Someappealadviceplease Wed 14-Mar-18 14:19:46

Thanks so much - that is really, really helpful. I feel like such an amateur with this!

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