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6th Form Colleges

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RosenaMum Sun 11-Mar-18 10:21:45

Asking this for my friend.
Her dd would like to comes to the UK and study in a government 6th form college. She wants a school with higher a*a rates and with accommodation (not homestay). Any recommendations?

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ReinettePompadour Sun 11-Mar-18 10:25:42

When you say 'government 6th form' do you mean a state school (free to use)

What country is she coming from? She will probably need to pay to use a uk 6th form. Usually only independent schools offer boarding at that age and theyre expensive.

Mary21 Sun 11-Mar-18 10:31:46

Peter symonds is a state sixth form with boarding

TeenTimesTwo Sun 11-Mar-18 11:01:16

Symonds does indeed take a few boarders. From the Falklands for a start iirc. I would be surprised if it took a 'random' eg someone without UK citizenship and not from a dependency.

RosenaMum Sun 11-Mar-18 11:14:47

She's coming from Hong Kong and knows that a few government sixth form allows students holding tier 4 visas to study in as a fee paying student. Since the quality of these colleges vary, she doesn't know how to choose.

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ReinettePompadour Sun 11-Mar-18 11:26:53

You havent explained what you mean by 'government 6th form'. This is not a term used in the uk.

There are 'state schools' which you dont pay fees to attend or 'independent schools' which you need to pay to use.

As you say sixth form allows students holding tier 4 visas to study in as a fee paying student I am assuming your friend is happy to pay school fees. In which case most Independent schools that offer boarding will take international students.

Where in the uk are they considering?

LIZS Sun 11-Mar-18 13:11:07 gives info on state funded boarding schools.

However entry criteria are strict for overseas applicants. Does the child or parents hold British passports or residency visas? When are they hoping to start as entry for 2018 in both state and private sector will have largely finished.

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