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Hampton Boys School - Advice please!

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Irenicon Wed 07-Mar-18 09:28:54

We are trying to decide if Hampton Boys is the right school for our DS and would really appreciate insights from any parents of boys at the school.

Our DS is quite an introvert boy in a social environment although very confident in his home environment. He loves reading and Scouts more than anything and is most excited about the CCF at whatever school he goes to. He reads the newspaper daily but not hugely sporty although he enjoys playing cricket. My concern is that Hampton is such a big school and I feel like he could be swallowed up a bit as he naturally doesn't stand out or put himself forward for things. I would love to hear any thoughts from those with experience of the school have. Thank you in advance!

BeaglesAbout Wed 07-Mar-18 11:17:37

We have two boys at Hampton.
The elder is very outgoing and sociable, a bit sporty but not hugely.
The younger (14) is much more introvert, not at all sporty and a lot less sociable.
Both LOVE the school. The younger one even more so, if anything. Hampton is a school where it's big enough to have a group of friends no matters what you're into.
Sure, if you are an country-standard sportsman, you'll slot right in. But so do chess whizzes, maths nerds and DJ-champs.
It's a very supportive school and the academics are second to none.

63summer Wed 07-Mar-18 12:21:59

I have a son at Hampton in Year 10. He joined in year 9 and absolutely loves it. He's an average sportsman but has found some great like minded friends. I think the larger environment has been good for him as there's definitely something and someone for everyone at the school and the academics and teachers are fantastic.

Irenicon Thu 08-Mar-18 09:29:17

Thank you both so much for your thoughts; it's very reassuring to read your experiences.

Quick questions - we are deciding whether the school coach which picks up quite near our house or the 111 bus from Kingston would be better. Any views on one over the other?

Also I was wondering what the homework load is like in year 7 as well? Many thanks

BeaglesAbout Thu 08-Mar-18 11:12:09

The homework in year 7 is fairly modest. There is a solid focus in that year on getting the boys to integrate - which is why they tend to group them by where they live in Yrs 7 and 8
Our elder boy was at the London Oratory in Yr. 7 and it was heavier there.
The School Bus is very handy and the boys seem to like the camaraderie on the bus. But it's about £300 per term, and TFl is free!

PhilippaFawcett Thu 08-Mar-18 11:42:58

I have a boy in the first year who is fairly introverted and not particularly sporty, and he is loving Hampton. He has made lovely friends and found lots of new interests. Not much homework either, and lots of non academic things going on, such as cooking week this week.

Irenicon Thu 08-Mar-18 20:24:04

Thank you for your helpful responses. It sounds like such a great school.

Irenicon Thu 08-Mar-18 21:13:25

I have a younger son whom I considering putting forward for the 10 + (I didn't know this was possible when my 11 year old was the same age). Do you think any weight at all is given to siblings? I know publicly that Hampton says it doesn't. Are there any disadvantages to sitting it?

BeaglesAbout Thu 08-Mar-18 23:53:32

Siblings make a difference if child two is borderline. Unofficially.
But if they think he won’t make the grade, it makes no difference.
There is no downsides to the 10+ other than your prospects of getting a scholarship - and they are damn difficult to get- are (obviously) reduced if you’ve already accepted a place.
But then you have a place!

Irenicon Tue 13-Mar-18 14:37:27

Thank you! Yes good points.

Tid13 Tue 20-Mar-18 13:06:50

As BeaglesAbout says, there are NO downsides to 10+

More years ago than I would care to mention, I sat the 10+ in a bid to follow my brother to Hampton, and did not pass. It was the first thing I had ever "failed", but crucially then, as today, Hampton give feedback on the 10+ performance, so my parents and I knew exactly what I had to work on for the 11+ the following year, which I passed very well thank you very much!

As a result of this experience we had our son sit the 10+ for Hampton a couple of years ago explaining to him it would be good practise, get him used to doing exams in unfamiliar surroundings, and we'd get some feedback about his performance. As it was he passed (clearly cleverer than his old man!). He went back a year later to sit the 11+ with a view to gaining a scholarship, and I imagine this was far less stressful knowing he'd been there before and knew to an extent what to expect. It was certainly less stressful on his parents!

As you have already registered you don't have to pay again to sit the 11+ a year later so you don't lose out financially, and I have reason to believe that you won't be hindered in scholarship stakes even if you've already accepted.

Honestly, I cannot think of a single reason why anyone even vaguely thinking of Hampton wouldn't sit the 10+

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