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My ds and all of support..

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Aprilmightmemynewname Mon 05-Mar-18 18:33:14

Head of year at my ds school told him today if he can't do detentions after school he shouldn't be at that school. Ds has a medical condition with fatigue and exhaustion being the main symptoms. They knew this when he started and has lunch time detentions when necessary. Agreed by all teachers except one.
Is this discrimination?

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Knittedfairies Mon 05-Mar-18 18:34:43

Perhaps he should avoid detentions..

Aprilmightmemynewname Mon 05-Mar-18 18:40:39

Not helpful at all - he has a medical condition that had made him late for school being one reason she gave him one. Won't go into details but she is bullying him -

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Sugarhunnyicedtea Mon 05-Mar-18 19:32:40

Does he have a statement or special arrangements because of his medical condition? If he does he shouldn't get detention for being late surely?

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