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Issues @ St Aloysius College (Highgate)

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ThornAmongstTheRoses Mon 05-Mar-18 15:56:03

I am keen to get some input from any parents who have children at St Aloysius College in Highgate, or for that matter possibly any Teachers who might work or have worked there recently?

I looked at the school and thought it looked really in late January it seems the Principle has gotten himself in some hot water and apart from some brief articles in late January, there been no further update on the matter since then and it seems the issue just disapeared?

Now I need to take a view on whether I should accept the allocated spot for my son, or consider rejecting it... but don't want to do so based on a vacuum of information...

Happy to take this "offline" to protect the innocent so to speak but it would be really helpful to get a reality check on what is happening on the ground at this school and whether this issue is impacting the school and its ability to educate effectively and whether it has effective leadership?

Many thanks in advance....

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Pogglebon76 Mon 05-Mar-18 16:59:57

There was an article about this is the Islington gazette this week. Worth reading

islingtonmum80 Fri 17-Jan-20 23:30:23

We are unhappy with this school. Lots of thefts of personal belongings such as PE kit, jacket, pencil case and when I reported it I was literally mocked by my son’s now former head of the year and even receptionists. Never got a call with praise when my son got achievement points or highest grades but each time my son got bad behaviour point or for some ridiculous reason the head called me to complain. Spanish and Science teachers are useless beyond belief. Some teachers do not speak fluent English. My son was blamed for making a mess in the toilet without evidence only because he happened to be using the toilet at the time. Toilets are disgusting no soap toilet paper or dryer, dirty and squalid. Most kids are from poor deprived areas or dysfunctional families. Some kids are violent i.e. stabbed other kids with compass, punched my son in the stomach, slapped My son in the head. The head of the year explained to me that they are typical boys acting like boys. As to thefts, she blamed my son for not looking after his stuff and if boys find it of course they would take it if someone leaves stuff unattended. When my son complained to me he was blamed for someone else’s behaviour as he did not grass them up to teachers his phone was confiscated so he wouldn’t be able to text me during breaks which he did not do apart from this instance.
I would never had sent my son there had I known what everyone was like or if I had a chance to move. The school doesn’t teach morals or how to become a good intelligent young man just picks up on unimportant bits like not doing top button, wearing a scarf and a coat ( my son was threatened by teachers and head teacher his scarf would be confiscated even though it was winter and scarf was dark colour and coat too).
Very disappointed and disillusioned.

ThornAmongstTheRoses Tue 08-Sep-20 16:56:29

This is more an update....

Does anyone know any recently departed teachers who might be able to shed some light on what is happening at this school...

A ton of teaching movements happened during the first part of the last school year, and now during lockdown it seems more and more teachers have left...

Is this a concerted effort to clean house (teaching was slammed in the last 2018 OFSTED) report, or is it something more sinister...

Also in terms of financial miss-conduct, the previous Head Mr Mannion, was seemingly shuttled off to retirement only to then be cleared (or so a Tribune article mentioned), but the entire issue of what the fraud or miss-conduct was in the first place and who was actually responsible has been kept really quiet...

Has this issue compromised the schools financial stability in some way, is that why teachers are dropping like flies, and kids are being taught by TA's or glorified childminders who are not really covering the course work at all....?

I know there has been a recent re-shuffle and the senior team is all NEW (Sept 2020) but that does not give confidence in itself...who knows how these new leaders will manage their team of teachers?

My son is HATING the idea of going back, says the school is violent, oppressive and he just wants out.... I want to 'hear him' but I also want to be sure any decision I might make is made on some authentic corroborating testimony...

So please, St Aloysius (Highgate) parents, please add to the debate.. have I got the facts or is there something I am missing here?

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