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Special Consideration Deadline

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Verbena37 Sun 04-Mar-18 13:20:33


DD is in final few months of her GCSE year.
It’s been agreed by school sendco, that due to anxiety/panic attacks in exam room (not exams per se but sitting in amongst lots of people in silence creates an intense feeling of panic and she gets the feeling of fainting, which she is also prone to), that she can sit her mocks in a quiet room/room on her own.

However, sendco has said that for the actual GCSEs, we would need a GP note sayng about special provision.
I didn’t realise that there is a deadline for special consideration Andrea I’ve just seen on a website it says for GCSEs 2018, the deadline was November 2017!

Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if so, what shall I do now?

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IrisAtwood Sun 04-Mar-18 13:23:45

That deadline is for the examination board. Whereabouts in the school your DC sits the exams is for the school to decide and they just need a GP letter. They can make arrangements up to and includng the day of the exam - in the event of illness on the day for example.

IrisAtwood Sun 04-Mar-18 13:24:59

The examination board special consideration relates to specific needs such as dyslexia.

Verbena37 Sun 04-Mar-18 13:44:51

Oh phew!
Thanks so much.
Ok, will get her booked into the GP then.
Is it likely the Gp will agree...they don’t usually argue against it do they?
She has never been to GP about it before because she hadn’t had any major exams before this past December so never reacted like it before.

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IrisAtwood Mon 05-Mar-18 07:05:11

It depends on the GP. Most would be sympathetic I think. Hope it goes well.

Verbena37 Mon 05-Mar-18 09:39:34

Thank you.
Have got her booked in.

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