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Wellington College waiting list

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smartboysmum Sat 03-Mar-18 14:25:44

DS2 has been offered a waiting list place at Wellington College for 13+ entry. Can someone please advise what are the realistic chances that he might get in. Any feedback from existing mums or from anyone who have gone through the process at Wellington before will be a big help.

Thanks a lot in advance

Pkaur80 Tue 13-Mar-18 10:18:27

hi, My son also has been offered waiting list at Wellington College for 13+ entry,. it would be great to know how realistic chance he would have to get into school.

thanks in advance

Gomad2007 Tue 20-Mar-18 00:28:49

I think your chances are pretty good. 6 or 7 boys at ds school have places (including ds) and quite a few of his rugby friends also. I’m pretty sure it’s not first choice for at least half of those boys but everyone will hold onto places until Harrow and Eton exams are finished (Eton in the next few months) and Harrow in December. Annoyingly you probably won’t know for definite until year 8 as most of the boys in Ds class will hold onto multiple offers and decide at the last minute

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