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St. Catherine’s School, Bramley reviews

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Mominafix Sat 03-Mar-18 13:30:31

Hi, my DD has an offer from St. Catherine’s, Bramley. I hear the girls there tend to be from rather privileged backgrounds and can be somewhat mean. We are a regular working-class family (not super privileged) and not British descent. Any feedback on this would be really appreciated.

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elephantintheroom2 Sat 03-Mar-18 15:47:12

I would agree with what you have said. Lots of Surrey kids with horses and the like! Lots of skiing holidays and trips to Bahamas.There are boarders, some of whom are not British so that at least increases the diversity. Also, to be fair, there are always different people wherever you go.From what I've heard the school's main aim is to be as high up the league tables as possible- competing to be as close to GHS as possible. Do you have any other offers?

Mominafix Sun 04-Mar-18 08:30:15

@Elephantintheroom2, thanks so much for your reply. We do have an offer from Sir William Perkins (Chertsey) too. And depending on which school we pick for our DD, we will relocate to a neighbouring town......never thought it would be this difficult. 😀

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Tessermee Sun 04-Mar-18 09:48:57

It is certainly quite a “jolly hockey sticks” traditional sort of school mainly because it is a boarding school and because of where it is. There tend to be a little more of a mix of backgrounds in the Guildford town independent day schools.
That said, it is an excellent school.

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