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fulham prep year 6 - year 8

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yanjian Wed 14-Feb-18 07:33:18

need your input on Fulham prep and Cumnor house for boys. we are family moving to London from abroad. my son has taken entrance exams of both 10+ senior schools whitgift with academic scholarship and trinity and prep schools. he is curious and creative, strong in mathematics, loves it and science; creative in writing, computer coding, drawing and music (composing music), he is sensitive, receptive to tender teachers, he sticks to fencing after trying football, rugby ad swimming. Two questions, 1. 13+ prep school is better or move directly to a senior school? even we go to 13+, we will mostly choose the day schools maybe better days schools or wider choice than the W/T. 2. w/t, not having visited trinity, I do not know what to choose between these two schools? my son did the interview at trinity, he found the head of admissions very gentle, and he enjoyed the science activity at the exam day, with w we visited the school but he did not have contact with the teachers at the exam day, we had skype interview with a member of senior management. my son prefers Trinity with the limited interaction that he had with trinity and no contact really with w. He is afraid tat W is too big and he might be lost. 3. Fulham prep is on the down trend of the development or not? changes of ownership, senior school, change of headmaster, ofsted report 2014 vs 2017. how about cumnor house for boys? in terms of caring and exit? 4. by preference we would like to live in sw London. I need your advice if you know about these schools and 10+ senior schools vs 13+ prep school. we need to make the decision within less than 10 days. Thank you in advance.

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