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The Oratory - is it fun or just lots of hard work

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Hotdrop1 Tue 13-Feb-18 12:43:08

Hi. The Oratory is, I know, an amazing school. However, when I've visited it on an open day, we were shown empty class rooms and barely got a chance to meet any of the children. On my second open day, I went during the school day, but we weren't allowd in the classrooms to see the teaching in action. I really wanted to see the boys as that is a real measure of what the school is like I think. Luckily, there was a lesson change which I thought would give me a change to see the boys in action. As they moved from one classroom to the next, I was surprised that the boys were virtually silent and seemed very solemn. It maybe that they had been told to be super well-behaved but the impression I got was that it all seemed a bit joyless. I really want my son to have a great education but also to enjoy his schooling - he's a happy little soul and I don't want this drummed out of him (should he be lucky enough to be offered a place). I've asked a couple of boys who go there if it's fun and they say yes but don't back this up with anything. It would be great to hear some honest accounts from people who have kids there.

AgonyBeetle Tue 13-Feb-18 13:48:35

Yes, that was my observation too, though going back a few years now.

I think the Oratory (and the Vaughan) are a bit marmite - people either love them or really don't.

We went to look round the Oratory expecting to love it, with the long journey being the main downside, but me, my dh and ds all came away with the reaction that it really wasn't for us. I found the atmosphere oppressive and lacking in warmth, and the attitude overly rigid and a bit self-satisfied. The boys who showed us round repeatedly said what a great school it was, but it felt like they'd been told that so many times that they had to believe it, rather than something that actually reflected their experience, iyswim.

The Oratory felt to me like the educational arm of Opus Dei, and that is really not a window we wanted to sign up at. We went for a much less stellar Catholic comp in the end, and never regretted it.

peteneras Wed 14-Feb-18 10:32:47

There are two 'Oratory' schools - one, an independent school situated in Reading, Berks. and the other, the London Oratory, a state school situated in Fulham. Which Oratory are you talking about?

The London Oratory at Fulham is full of crap. Here you'll find hypocrites galore, all housed under one roof. And I'm speaking as a staunch Catholic myself. Run a million miles from it!

meiyin46 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:44:35

Views on the Oratory in Reading would like to know if it is a good school ?

meiyin46 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:45:29

Is this the Oratory in Reading ?

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