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Wimbledon High School & Put High - Learning Resources

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2017RedBlue Mon 12-Feb-18 18:25:37

Now that offers have come out - I'd be very grateful if anyone who holds a place for their DD at Wimbledon High School or Putney High School what the best learning resources you'd recommend for getting into these schools would be.

DD currently in Year 5 and we are tutoring but not sure if we are on track. We are doing Bond books but not sure if this is enough.

Thank you.

PugDoug Tue 13-Feb-18 10:33:26

Sounds like you are doing all that is needed. Is your DD in a prep school? If so, they will do a lot of the preparation and guide you.

If your DD doesn't get in with tutoring and extra practice then it really isn't the place for her and down the line you won't be doing her a favour pushing any harder for it.

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