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ihearttc Sun 11-Feb-18 09:27:57

DS1 is currently in Year 8 and needs to chose his options in the next few weeks.

He in the top maths and science set and top English set but is definitely more able at maths/science than English. He is currently leaning towards:English x2 Science (they do double science for year 9 and then some get switched to Triple Science, Maths, Spanish, History, Geography and PE.

He wants to be a pilot...and I have no doubt what so ever that he will get there! Do you think thats a good range of subjects? The only one slightly concerning me is PE tbh. He is quite sporty in most things but is not a typical sporty build if that makes sense (think Rugby player!) so doesn't excel at athletics etc. Only other subject he could do instead is French as he is currently doing both French and Spanish but I think 2 humantities and 2 languages at GCSE is a bit too much tbh.

Any thought?

franzen Sun 11-Feb-18 09:53:55

Presumably languages would be very useful for a would-be pilot? But you do need to be motivated. PE would be a good mix in with the other subjects and the course allows for all body-types and specialisms. Have you read the syllabus and seen the written content? 1/3 of our year take PE GCSE and they are truly all shapes and sizes!

titchy Sun 11-Feb-18 09:58:37

They're fine. The pilot thing though - has he/you looked into what's involved? Is he an air cadet or have any flying experience? Are you loaded?

ihearttc Sun 11-Feb-18 13:11:40

I agree with the languages being useful but Im not entirely sure how useful French as a language would be if that makes sense? Im leaning towards Spanish and then take another language at a later date...he wants to learn a very specific language which is not offered at his school.

We have literally had no information at all about course content for any subject as yet...options evening is in 3 weeks so assume we will be given more information then. There is nothing on school website. I realised there would be lots of written work in PE...that wouldn't be a problem for him. It was more that I didn't know if you could choose which sports at GCSE to specialise in or would he have to be an all rounder?

He originally wanted to go to an Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach (nothing like having huge aspirations!) but obviously thats going to be mega bucks. He is aiming for a pilot training programme with BA or Emirates ideally. Without completely outing myself the nature of DH's job would mean that as soon as he is old enough he will be having flying lessons...we have tried but no on will take him until he's 14. We definitely aren't loaded by any stretch of the imagination but I will move heaven and earth to try and make this happen for him obviously dependent on him doing the work as well.

He lives and breathes flight simulators which is all he can do at the moment...every birthday, christmas and holiday any money he gets is spent on proper simulators. He went on one a few weeks ago and the instructor couldn't believe he was only 12-he flew the plane better than a qualified pilot who went before him. Totally realise an actual plane is completely different but it's a start. He does have a back up plan of Air Traffic Control though but I think he'd struggle being on the ground rather than in the air.

Air cadets can't join here until he's 13 so thats the plan for later in the year.

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