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Choosing between GHS, JAGs and Wimbledon High

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Mq2018 Sun 11-Feb-18 01:58:01

Hi... We’re returning back to the UK later this year. My DD has an 11+ offer for Y7 from Guildford High School, James Allen Girls, Wimbledon High (with a scholarshipAl and LEH with a scholarship. We will ultimately choose to stay close to the schools so the decision on the school is the first to make. We loved all the schools. My DD is a positive optimistic young girl with a wide variety of interests - specially in creative writing - in fact all things writing! Am keen to find a school that goes beyond grades alone to nurture individual talent and gives her the platform to pursue her interests. We’ve see the league tables etc but would hugely value softer insight into these schools to help us make the right decision for her. 🙏

GU24Mum Sun 11-Feb-18 11:53:22

The schools (as you know) are geographically quite a long way apart so I doubt anyone will be able to give you an overview of all four. You're more likely to get ideas about LEH v GHS and Wimbledon v JAGS. FWIW, LEH possibly has a slightly pushier reputation in Surrey but prob. because it has more of a London feel.

AveEldon Sun 11-Feb-18 12:38:30

Wimbledon's head is inspirational imho
JAGS head not so much

PugDoug Tue 13-Feb-18 10:50:54

I think all are very similar. Did your DD have any preferences from the interview or open days?

I don't know much about JAGs.

The main difference between GHS and WHS is location. GHS is in a very white middle class market town, girls from a mix of families from those living in Surrey mansions to very hardworking families who prioritise fees over say big holidays. The head has been at GHS a long time now. She isn't sparky in the same way the WHS head is but in more recent years has a much better understanding of teenagers. They do a lot to look after the girls. Loads of opportunities. Friends with DDs there said it could be a bit obsessed with their over-achievers and sometimes there were groups of 'middling' girls who were a little over-looked and discouraged (but this was 10 years ago now).

WHS is a London location and as such it costs a fair amount to live in the area which shapes the demographic of the school. Wimbledon is a lovely place. Head is highly over enthusiastic and creates a buzzing school. Academics are technically slightly stronger at GHS but in reality I'm sure your DD would do just as well at either.

Both are all girls, 'high' schools which always have a certain feel. If I could choose, I would personally do WHS to 16 then move my DD to King's Wimbledon or Westminster if she could get a place.

Fifthtimelucky Tue 13-Feb-18 21:09:30

I'm assuming money is not a concern, if you could just as happily live close to all schools and if you're not bothered about passing up the scholarship offers? You would get much more house for your money the further out of London you were!

I only know GHS, where my girls were/are very happy. We are the wrong side of Guildford to have considered the other schools. Other than creative writing, what are your daughter's interests? If they include sport, music and or drama she won't go far wrong at GHS. They are real strengths of the school. There are some opportunities for creative writing, but I wouldn't say I noticed it being a particular focus (though they regularly have authors in).

I'm assuming that as you are abroad, your daughter will not know anyone at any of the schools. Both my children were the only girls from their primary school to go to GHS, though they did each know one other girl from extra curricular activities. The school was very good at helping them settle in, with lots of activities early on to help the girls get to know each other, and sensible arranging of classes so that those from the same area are in the same class so can travel in together (lots of socialising takes place on the train).

What did your daughter make of the schools? How will she feel about having a scholarship or not? Would it suit her to feel special in that way? Would she feel upset to lose the chance to have the kudos of a scholarship? Or would she be glad not to have to deal with expectations that she will be top of the class?!

Lots to consider, but good to have choices!

Mq2018 Sat 17-Feb-18 11:07:02

Thanks so much all! Fabtastic points. We are pretty much closing in on a choice between WHS and GHS. We are not originally from the UK so cultural diversity is hugely important. Any insights on WHS or GHS around this? Also where do girls tend to go post 16 in GHS or do they tend to stay on ? Many thanks again for all your thoughts and counsel. 🙏🙏

Fifthtimelucky Sun 18-Feb-18 11:45:27

The vast majority of girls at GHS are white, which reflects the local population. I would say the next most common group is probably mixed white/Chinese or white/SE Asian. So it's not a very diverse mix. We are white and from the UK, so I'm not well placed to say how it feels at the school for someone who wasn't. All I can say is that, from what I have seen, those from other ethnic backgrounds are very well integrated.

Most of the girls seem to stay on for the 6th form, and more did that in my younger daughter's year than in my older daughter's. The few classmates of my daughters who left at 16 went either to local 6th form colleges, a co-ed independent school, or girls boarding schools.

tinkerella1 Mon 19-Feb-18 12:19:35

Just to pull this back on to JAGS - we're very happy with the school and it is a lot more diverse than the prep we went to. Lots of different backgrounds and ethnicity makes for a great mix.
The Headmistress is a heck of a lot more approachable than the previous head. One of the 6th formers said to us that she felt she could go and talk to the headmistress, she has an open door to the girls. The 6th former was a little fearful of the previous head and didn't find her at all approachable. In terms of interests my DD has loved the drama department and wide range of clubs and activities. They are broadly based around subjects or sports. The girls enjoy them and from my side I can see they do give them an understanding away from the curriculum and a chance to explore a subject in their own way.

madworld67 Mon 19-Feb-18 13:28:28

These are all great high achieving schools. Why not pick one she got a scholarship to?? Most run scholars programs- don't they??Might be where she could do more creative writing. How happy she is will be based on luck and what her peer group is like. GHS is very white British. The further you go into London the greater the diversity- an advantage for anyone I would say!!

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