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Monkton or Sidcot?

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lookout Sat 10-Feb-18 10:49:15

I've posted before about having to remove ds1 (13) from secondary in Bristol and looking for an independent school in the area. We've narrowed it down to two, but are really stuck. We really like Monkton, but ds, who would have to weekly board there, prefers Sidcot. We could drive there but it would mean a lot of driving (the buses are full until September).

Does anyone have experience of either and could help us?

Rudi44 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:54:09

Is there no school in Bristol that would work. I know lots of friends that rave about QEH, or Bristol Grammer if you prefer mixed?

catslife Sun 11-Feb-18 15:00:01

I remember the original thread. QEH and BGS would be too academic and so alternatives were being considerd.
Link is here
Personally OP, I would take your son't preferences into account especially as he would have to board and is 13 years old.
What is it that you (and he) prefer about each school and which one is most suitable for his needs?

lookout Wed 14-Feb-18 20:00:49

catslife thanks for doing the link.

I think you're right about considering his feelings. He had a taster day at Sidcot first then just a regular visit at Monkton. He made some friends at Sidcot, so naturally he's more comfortable about going there.

I think if he was gonna be at one of them long term, Monkton would be better as they offer some less academic subjects, but we don't know yet if we'll leave him there when we have to move next year.

Honestly, I think both would be good for him. Monkton, because boarding would help with his independence and maturity (he's woefully immature), Sidcot because it's small and very nurturing (he needs it because of the awful time he had at Henbury). We are hesitant because the logistics of Sidcot, driving him to and fro, are gonna be a huge pain, and because Monkton is a Christian school, and we may get a bursary, and loved the passion the staff have for enabling children to know themselves and their strengths.

He's also recently joined a trampoline club which he loves, and if he were at Monkton he would have to stop this. So I feel bad about overriding his feelings in this.

I never thought I'd have to make a choice like this, and it feels super self indulgent, picking over two very expensive, very good schools. I'm way out of my depth...

incywincybitofa Wed 14-Feb-18 22:11:40

Sidcot is a very special place, I don't know Monkton but Sidcot is special.
We pulled our DS from state to private for lots of reasons some similar to yours, and the nurturing care he received from a smaller school that actually cared about each child has turned him around, it's take a while but the difference has been huge. It is a pain in the pants drive every day but so worth it.
Could your DS not board at Sidcot if travel or moving is an issue?

asneakysnickers Wed 14-Feb-18 23:22:48

I don't know Monkton either, but I know Sidcot is a Quaker school.
If I could bring Quaker values to every school in the country I would, and I say that as an atheist.

lookout Thu 15-Feb-18 13:35:58

Wow, those two comments are really helpful, thank you!
incywincybitofa he can board and take the school bus but not until September as there are no places for either at the moment. That's so good to know they've helped your child. The small size is def a draw for us too.
asneakysnickers the values are one of the things that attracted us in the first place. Their ethos to Live Adventurously combined with the values are very appealing.

I think we're leaning toward Sidcot. Thanks for the input, always helpful to get others' views.

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