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Alleyn's and SEN

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raptorator Sat 10-Feb-18 10:36:28

Hi all,

We are really pleased that dd has been offered a place at Alleyn's but I was hoping to get some advice from parents with dc's there. Dd has an SpLd and every school we applied to apart from Alleyn's gave her extra time and let her type. Alleyn's said her processing scores etc meant that she could either type or have extra time and as she writes really slowly we went with typing. She did get in but she did better at some of the others and was offered academic scholarships at two of them. Don't want to say which schools as outing but all top 25 in the league tables for girls/co-ed so just as competitive entry as Alleyn's.

Thing is, dd loves Alleyn's and it's her first choice as she loves drama and all the co-curricular stuff at the school but I'm wondering if it's the right place in terms of SEN support. The other schools we applied to gave her no questions asked extra time and typing as recommended by the Ed Psych. Apart from this niggle we think Alleyn's is a lovely school for dd and to be fair to them they were very transparent on their website re the criteria for extra time/other exam adjustments, but I've been told dd will need an updated Ed Psych report at GCSE and I don't want to be in a position where the school says they won't follow recommendations.

Any advice very greatly appreciated!

Stepatatime Mon 12-Feb-18 16:42:23

Well done to your dd! It is a lovely school and really in demand these days. Sounds like you have already done this, but if not you could ask to speak to/meet with their in-house learning support team – might be the best way to get a clear picture re: your dd’s specific needs. Good luck with whichever school you choose!

IdrisPtolemy Tue 13-Feb-18 20:51:54

Go and speak to the SENCo at Alleyns with your daughters report- you will know the answer from this meeting as it will be clear how they will support

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