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UK Boarding for Overseas 12y Boy

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noknok123 Thu 08-Feb-18 10:30:36

We're an American family living in Portugal and have a 12 year old boy (currently year 8) who thinks he'd like to try boarding school in the UK at some point. This is new news to me, and it appears that we've essentially missed all of the 13+ entry deadlines.

Am I correct in thinking that the next reasonable intake period that we could aim for is at 16+ for the last two years of school in the UK (= years 12 & 13)? This is fine, as it would give us a few years to get up to speed on how your system works and where he might be interested in applying. Overall, his strongest subjects are math and science.

He's in an MYP program currently and would have gone through IBDP if he were to stay here in Portugal. It looks like there are many IBDP options in the UK as well. I've heard MYP to A Level doesn't necessarily translate easily, so I think he'd have to work independently to shore up specific subjects that he's interested in or just stick with the IB system he knows.

If anyone could comment on the viability of an overseas entry at 16+ to a boarding school there, I'd appreciate it. Likewise, if there are clearly schools that are strong in STEM, please let me know.

expat1407 Sat 17-Feb-18 23:54:14

Try calling Whitgift School, Dulwich College , Wellington and a few others in UK. You may still have a chance .
Top Uk schools like Eton , Winchester, Harrow do their exams from age of 11. So you have missed the chance.

Michaelahpurple Sun 18-Feb-18 16:29:44

Most schools have a sixth form entry but their nature varies and at the upper end of the market they are looking for very high performers - they aren't very interested in pupils who won't boost average results (unless they have another skill like Harrow's rather blatant importing of enormous rugby players).

I agree that you will be pushed to find anything for September (can't hurt to call though) but occasional places do sometimes come up in year 10, ready to start GCSEs. A boy has joined my son's year at eton from abroad at that point and my neighbour's son started at Harrow then. In both cases though they had to be ready to move fast - the Harrow place was offered to them 10 days before term started, after steady lobbying through the year.

I don't think that a science focus really leaps to mind anywhere - more tiers of academic-ness (very elegant ohraseology!)

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