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londonista1 Tue 23-Jan-18 13:10:44

Hi, does anyone know the approximate interviews to offers ratio for City of London School (Boys)? Also any recent experience of what to prep for in the group interview/assessment?

smargolis Tue 13-Feb-18 20:02:48

Hi, no idea about the ratio, but here are some questions DC remembered after interviews in two independent schools:
.Tell me about a moment that made you feel really sad and how you dealt with it?
.Happiest, proudest moments too.
.Imagine that you are suddenly off school and your parents tell you that you can go wherever you want. What would you do?
.What do your parents do for a living?
.What are your favourite subjects (and the ones you don't like)?
.Why do you want to study here?
.Which sports do you do?
.In both cases, they were asked to describe a work of art, talking about what they thought the artist's message was.
We anticipated some questions and talked to him about them. I would suggest you do this more as a self-awareness kind of exercise, without making it look like you are interviewing him. All the things we tried to make him say backfired. Example: he loves researching the weather and spends hours in all sorts of sites digging info on hurricanes, winds, air pressure etc. When preparing him, we hinted that wikipedia is not really a recognised source, that most people use it, but don't like to admit it, so probably better not to mention it. Guess what? When asked about his hobbies, he just started with the fact that he loves spending his mornings on wikipedia, and that he specially likes weekends as his parents wake up late so he's got more time for that! Good luck!

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