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Woking Schools query

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piplongstock Sun 14-Jan-18 13:04:14

Looking for insight into Gordon's School Woking and Charters, Woking - impressions of educational achievement, pastoral care & extra curricular provision would be really helpful. Plus any local knowledge on 'true' rather than published catchment area. Thank you.

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semolinas Sun 14-Jan-18 14:00:23

IDK about Charters, but I think Gordon's is highly selective by financial means, as you have to pay even for a day place. So you would probably compare results with private schools (not the top ones, but something like St. George's Weybridge say) not state.

Though it is cheaper than a day school as get state funding.

I don't think the results are especially impressive given this. But obviously financially the burden is much less than a true private school. Though there might be cash available here.

We have a friend who lives around five miles away (went to private prep/primary), apparently their DS has got in, the father is a bit of a wheeler-dealer I'm-so-clever type, and has managed to do that. Not sure how but I don't really care so.....

No personal experience of either school so feel free to ignore my ramblings.

GU24Mum Sun 14-Jan-18 15:29:59

Charters isn't in Woking - it's in Sunningdale so is the other side of the county (Berkshire/Surrey) border. Where do you live?

If your friend live 5 miles from Gordon's, he'll either have had to come up with a genuine reason for his child needing to board or something else is going on as the catchment is very small!

The Charters catchment is different as there are some feeder schools I think and also the catchment is not very far one way as it's almost on the Surrey border but goes up to parts of North Ascot.

SheilaFentiman Mon 15-Jan-18 19:09:25

You can get information from Surrey County Council on last distance admitted to all secondary schools. IIRC, it's very small for Gordon's for non-siblings - under 1km. Not all schools have a catchment area, although they will have a distance criteria.

Emilie1 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:34:23

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether someone could tell me whether St George's Weybridge is more or less academic than the Gordon School in Woking.

I have visited the Gordon School and it seems to be pretty academic but I was wondering whether St George's Weybridge would be better suited to my son who is strong in maths but has mild dyslexia. He has been offered a bed at the Gordon School for boarding.

What are your views of both schools in terms of pastoral care, provision for mild dyslexia and academics/results?

Many thanks and best wishes,


PoloMama Tue 01-Jan-19 15:56:56

St George's is more academic. It is selective entry only, whereas Gordon's is catchment entry. I have friends with children at both these schools and they are all happy. I've also heard that St George's is very good at providing support for children with dyslexia. Another school that has a good reputation for supporting dyslexia is Claremont Fan Court in Esher, although it is nowhere near as academic as St George's. I don't know much about Charters and Gordon's, other than that both have good reputations and, as you say, you have to live very close to Gordon's to stand a chance of getting in. Hope this helps.

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