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City of London Boys 10 plus interviews

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Itreallyistimetochangethings Sat 13-Jan-18 07:14:54

Hi - Ds has passed the exam and has reached the next stage smilecould anyone shed light on what he can expect at interview? he is there for 1 hour but interview is only 15 mins - what else would they do during that time? and also what happens in the sports scholarship assessment. - thank you

DIN2K Sat 13-Jan-18 15:06:10

DS did the 11+ last year. They had a whole group of them together and were given activities to do in groups on iPads. One by one, they were called in for their interview.

Poor chap misheard the Drama teacher and thought she was a 'Drummer'. So spent 10 minutes asking her questions about timpani and percussion. Needless to say, he didn't get in confused. He ended up at KGS and we're really happy.

Itreallyistimetochangethings Sun 14-Jan-18 09:47:13

Thank you DIN that helps - In the end your ds got the place that's for him and is happy there. I'm trying to think like this - that if he doesn't get this - it just wasn't the place for him. Thanks again for responding

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