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Kingham Hill

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Wright1259 Wed 27-Jun-18 08:01:04

It’s a bit of an oddity is Kingham. There are quite clearly the haves and have nots and I think the boarders are treated better than the day pupils which is ok for us but not so good if you’re a local using it as a Day school. Unusually they don’t do Saturday school but bring pupils in to populate the school on Saturday Open Day. My DS had to do science lesson to make the school appear ‘normal’.
It’s not a very sporty school as illustrated by holding sports day midweek and wondering why parents aren’t there. I’d generally say it’s not as parent friendly as some but it seems otherwise ok academically and my ds is happy there

JustOneChocolate Sun 07-Jan-18 19:11:20

Any recent experiences or thoughts on this school?

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