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Its 2018....countdown to 1st March secondary school allocations!

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Hersetta427 Tue 02-Jan-18 12:10:10

Well two months down and two to go to 1st March. I have been fairly chilled since applications were submitted however now that 2018 is here it is creeping into my thoughts more frequently.

We are truly lucky to live in a town with very good secondary schools but I know DD would be heartbroken if she didn't get her first choice (a top 10 non selective girls school).

Realistically we should be virtually sure of a place as if we don't qualify on distance within our feeder school group then she should get a sports aptitude place (she score 10 percentage points higher than the required score for the last 3 years). However a part of me is still nervous as I imagine what if all 200 girls taking the aptitude test got amazing scores too. Logically I know this isn't the case as other girls at her school score 20-25 marks lower than DD but there are only 9 places available so the margin of error is small.

Anyone else beginning to get jittery? Please tell me I'm not alone.

BrendansDanceShoes Tue 02-Jan-18 13:19:35

How is this a non selective school when they offer 'sports aptitude' places!!!!!!?

Hersetta427 Tue 02-Jan-18 13:46:59

state schools can offer up to 10% of their places on aptitude if they choose eg sport , music, art, language.

hornetgirl Thu 11-Jan-18 10:05:28

I'm anxious too

thesockgap Thu 11-Jan-18 13:04:23

I can't believe I'm here again, seems like yesterday I was anxiously waiting for news for DS2, now 3 years on and it's DS3's turn!
7 weeks today till the big day!

We have put his brother's school as first preference, unfortunately there is no sibling policy so he isn't guaranteed to get in. It's a faith school so we should do OK on that score but who knows. I know of plenty that didnt' get in there last year, who I would have thought would be safe bets.

In all honesty I wouldn't be unhappy with any of the five schools we've listed, but I'd prefer him to go to his older brother's school for convenience, as much as the fact that it's a great school!

Fingers crossed for all in this long waiting stage.

Hersetta427 Thu 11-Jan-18 22:04:58

Wow no sibling policy.... that is tough. I am working 12 hrs a day at the moment so that keep me occupied but come February when it ends I bet I will be much more anxious.

DD is more anxious about her best friend getting a place than her as I think she knows she has the aptitude place in the bag.

Frogletmamma Fri 12-Jan-18 11:37:53

My daughter is anxious about secondary schools... and its a long wait.

Titsywoo Mon 15-Jan-18 11:44:54

I'm not anxious about the allocation as I know DS will get the same school as his sister. I'm very anxious about him starting there. He has aspergers and school is very hard for him. He'll be going with noone he knows and I haven't been impressed with the school since DD started but he has no statement as he is too high functioning and this is considered a very good school locally so the other options aren't great. I'm expecting he will have a total breakdown by xmas in all honesty.

PeggyMummy Tue 16-Jan-18 10:04:19

Did anyones son sit Reeds 11+ on sun? Wondered how they found the exams and interview. Feeling nervour and desperately wishing the days away until the results are out.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 18-Jan-18 07:06:34

Another one here to join the countdown.

Although ignorance is bliss right now.

Going to be a long few weeks

Hersetta427 Mon 29-Jan-18 22:53:39

Getting closer......4 weeks to go !

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 30-Jan-18 10:47:59

In a scale of 1-10 How nervous are you and how much gin have you drunk...

AveEldon Tue 30-Jan-18 14:18:51

4 weeks is ages to wait!

We should get school no 1 (based on previous years test score)
If not then we won't get no 2 on our list but should get no 3.
We are also near enough to get no 4.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 30-Jan-18 14:32:42

Will you be happy with all the possible outcomes?

Perigord Tue 30-Jan-18 14:34:20

Dd2 will get in to the comp where her sister is. Her sister has been very happy there and doing well. Dd2 has been happy at primary (dd1 less so) but you never really know. Dd1 ended up with a nice class but dd2 could get a horrible one or be picked on about her red hair for the first time! Fingers crossed

Hersetta427 Tue 30-Jan-18 15:21:22

Lots of wine drunk here. Do is a supply teacher and has spent the last 3 days T the school we want dad to go to and I asked him to pump the admissions officer for info on dad 's chances given her aptitude scores but he refuses.......git.

Hersetta427 Tue 30-Jan-18 15:21:52

DH not DO

Hersetta427 Tue 30-Jan-18 15:22:39

Arghh bloody iPhone. DD not dad !!

Perigord Tue 30-Jan-18 15:31:27

Ha ha. I don't think you've got much chance of getting your dad into the school. grin

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 30-Jan-18 15:56:48

Well he's not much use then is he?

I'm so nervous I know the answer but until I get that email there is at least liver is probably screaming

GrockleBocs Tue 30-Jan-18 17:50:55

I'm quite anxious about it. We don't have much choice and dd is unlikely to get the school she wants. I genuinely don't want her to go to the very good school she probably will get.

EightiesHairdo Tue 30-Jan-18 18:30:39

Hello. Glad I found this thread. Yep - apprehensive here too but trying to remain positive.
Applied to a grammar which is almost impossibly tough to get into (no idea of test score as you don't find out till you get/don't get an offer) and rest of preferences made up of our local comps about three of which are pretty good.
Only issue is that we don't live close enough to any of them to think we'd be 'guaranteed' a place at any of the comps. Historically the cut-off distances have been shorter than the distance to our house from the schools. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 30-Jan-18 20:41:48

We have similar issue although not with a grammar.

1 we are borderline distance
2, 3,4 no chance as outside distances they are there just as I have nothing to lose.
5 borderline but within distances previously
6 catchment crap school

Knowing public we will get the one crappy school we didn't list

We can't possibly get a good outcome sad

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 30-Jan-18 20:42:00

Knowing our luck

AveEldon Tue 30-Jan-18 21:13:32

I will only be happy with school no 1!

Remember you can join waitlists for the other choices - there is a fair amount of movement between March and September

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