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Deciding which one to choose

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dynamicequilibrium Wed 13-Dec-17 13:55:59

I would like to know which one of the below few schools might be the best fit for me? Any opinions on the schools below? I am struggling with this.
1. Dulwich
2. Abingdon
3. Christ Hospital
I am looking for Year 12 entry, A-levels, boarding pupil, aiming at a top notch university, will look at oxbridge rate, quality university admission rate, overall atmosphere, location, price, value added level, boarding size etc.
Will mainly be doing science subjects so might also look at the A level results on science and maths subjects
I am currently residing out of the UK and i really hope that I can make a decision as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!

happygardening Wed 13-Dec-17 22:12:53

Of the three Christ’s Hospital is the only one where the majority full board. The other two are basically say schools with boarders.
All are likely to enable a bright student to get top results and entry into a very good universities but none will guarantee Oxbridge entry. Dulwich as you know is in London does this interest you? Abingdon is on the River Thames, close to Oxford, there will be good transport links, and close to the Cotswolds which is very beautiful and historical it has a good reputation for fencing if that interests you. Christ’s has a unusual uniform although I’m not sure if 6th formers wear it. There’s quite a lot of ritual and tradition which may not suit you many say pastoral care is good.

dynamicequilibrium Thu 14-Dec-17 10:46:10

Thank you very much for replying me.
I wonder is it better to have a larger boarding place or a smaller one (exp 180ish) is fine?

dynamicequilibrium Thu 14-Dec-17 10:52:39

I have already received an offer from Dulwich but I am not sure which one to choose. Is Dulwich a traditional school or something? The glamorous results really amazed me, especially in Science. The deadline for accepting the offer from Dulwich is coming soon and i don't know whether I will have enough time to wait for the two other schools. I was also quite fond of the atmosphere in the Christ Hospital's promotional video on Youtube and I would say it was fabulous. i might quite have a high chance to get into Christ Hospital school but not quite sure about abingdon. Also, I knew Abingdon is in Oxfordshire so I wonder would this make me have more opportunity to explore the life of a great university?
Thank you so much.

LIZS Thu 14-Dec-17 10:58:42

Don't assume Abingdon has stronger links to Oxford Uni than other private schools . Of those you shortlist Dulwich is probably the most academically strong all round but results may vary by subject. You need to look at the subject results tables and leavers' destinations too. Have you visited any of them as the locations are very different and definitely don't be lured by the promotional videos!

dynamicequilibrium Thu 14-Dec-17 11:18:41

Thank you very much.
I havn't been to any of the sites yet as I am not currently residing in England. I've read the related results of the subjects that i would pick and i knew Dulwich had better results in those subjects. Being all round is absolutely important to me. I really want to go to a school which could nurture students and provide them with comprehensive support. Abingdon and Dulwich are quite in their rankings in Alevels and price except Dulwich is just slightly better and more expensive. I would also like to know the environment or atmosphere in Dulwich and Abingdon please.
Thank you very much!

LIZS Thu 14-Dec-17 11:28:33

Dulwich is in the London suburbs whereas the others are more rural, small towns. You would find a number of children of celebrities and sports players at Dulwich. The other 2 probably less so and perhaps more socially diverse. If you are aiming for a top UK uni you really need to choose a school which gives you the best chance of success.

dynamicequilibrium Thu 14-Dec-17 11:38:05

For Dulwich, it's 17ish pupils getting into Oxbridge each year and Abingdon has similar numbers, around 17 or so. For Christ's Hospital, 52 pupils went to OXbridge from 2010 to 2016. I reckon they are all very top schools and I am not sure whther I should wait for the other two schools to reply or I should accept that of Dulwich first.

happygardening Thu 14-Dec-17 13:27:17

"I knew Abingdon is in Oxfordshire so I wonder would this make me have more opportunity to explore the life of a great university"
Oxford is short bus ride away, but being able to "explore the life of the great university" wont improve your chance of getting a place if thats what your hoping.
Dulwich is in South East London, central London with all its obvious attractions is only a 10- 15 min train journey. Its a smart and expensive area of London. Theres lots to do in the area,shopd cafes etc, parks, the Dulwich picture gallery is very near by, the Horniman museum is up the road and Brixton is also not far away which is multi cultural area with lots going on.
Abingdon is a town on the River Thames. its an affluent area, it doesn't have. station but good bus links, your nearest and easiest station is Didcot which has regular train services to London. Abingdon has shops, cafe and places to walk e.g. along the River Thames but no where near as many activities that you will find around Dulwich and certainly not in central London. As I've already said its surrounded by pretty villages many are very historical, great scenery and public transport is ok but definitely not as good as in London. I know both well frankly I wouldn't live in either because I like rural life but if I had to choose to live in one or the other I would choose Dulwich
If you like Dulwich and you have to accept before you receive offers from the other two then go for it.

dynamicequilibrium Thu 14-Dec-17 13:32:26

Thank you very much.

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