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A level physics

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FireCracker2 Thu 30-Nov-17 09:44:41

DD in y12 seems totally lost with it .she is getting test results in the lower c region.The teacher has told them physics often clicks a around Xmas. This sounds like a cop out.financially tutoring is out of the question. Any ideas??

LittleHo Thu 30-Nov-17 11:33:51

Is she taking maths A Level too?

Is it the maths or something else she is struggling with?

iseenodust Thu 30-Nov-17 11:48:04 has lots of free video tutorials.

Malbecfan Thu 30-Nov-17 11:57:56

Did she do Physics GCSE or double science? It may be that it's a huge step up and she's finding the transition tricky. I would stick with it for now because C isn't bad and the teacher has experience of the new qualification and how others suddenly get it.

Perhaps over the Christmas holiday, she could go over her work so far, get a revision guide and make sure she is happy with everything. Then review the situation again at the end of January.

robin64 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:12:09

DS has dropped physics A level and he got A* for gcse. I don't think he particularly liked the teachers but also he was finding it hard.

DivisionBelle Thu 30-Nov-17 19:11:57

How many A levels is she doing?

timeforsomethingnew Thu 30-Nov-17 20:56:30

How is she revising for tests? DD also getting lower marks than she wants. DD has been told she needs to do a lot more practice questions and go to the teachers when she gets stuck. She hasn't been doing enough and therefore not pushing the boundaries to find out what she knows and doesn't know. Thinks she knows it until she is in test environment. Also for DD losing easy marks not putting units. DD also Y12.

FireCracker2 Fri 01-Dec-17 14:02:24

Thank you for your replies.She is doing maths, phys, chem and art AS . I think she thinks she feels she understands when she looks at her text books but then has difficulty applying that to questions.

Jessesbitch Fri 01-Dec-17 17:04:48

What did she get at GCSE?
A* at GCSE gets A*, A, B
A at GCSE gets B, C, D.

All pupils struggle in first term of A levels as its a big step up.

physicskate Fri 01-Dec-17 20:15:36

A Level physics teacher here:

Read the relevant textbook section and answer the summary questions after every lesson. Get ahold of the Pearson revision workbook for her spec. Answer the relevant section after every lesson.

Then go back to the beginning of her work from the year - create summaries of the notes. Go online to the old specs past papers. Answer as many questions as possible (the questions will be quite similar for most topics...

Homework: she should do her corrections after it's handed back.

It will get easier if she puts more effort in, I promise!! Not to say she isn't putting in effort, but my most successful students have lived, breathed the work, looking for new ways to do the same thing.

I was even sent a summary from one student of three different approaches to a specific type of ratio problem (they start at A2)...

Oh and she can try creating her own revision guide!! Use the spec, textbook, notes, etc.

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