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Seaford college

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asbmh Thu 16-Nov-17 13:36:30

We are considering Seaford College for our two DS 8 and 10. We will be living in Chichester, but I wonder if anyone knows if there are many children who live in Chichester that attend Seaford. As we will be moving schools for my two DS I am concerned that they will have new school friends living nearby to hook up with out of school. Any advice would be great.

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Mirabel13 Sat 08-Sep-18 01:35:35

Hi asbmh, we are looking at Seaford College for our DS 8. Did your DS settle in well there? Do they like the school? I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

Meez76 Wed 10-Oct-18 20:55:47

Our son is not SEN but we really love the College, facilities and staff friendliness. Would he prosper here with such a strong focus on SEN ?

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