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Ks3 grade levels - are they done in the same way as the new gcses?

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Scabbersley Tue 14-Nov-17 14:28:09

So if my dd is working at a 6/7/8 (varies between subjects) that's a numerical grade like the gcse grades, ie out of 9? Stupidly I didn't ask at parents evening!

noblegiraffe Tue 14-Nov-17 14:32:29

No one can tell you because schools are doing their own thing. It would seem likely to be GCSE grades, but 'working at' a grade 8 in KS3 would be rather unusual, so it could also be some sort of target grade.

Scabbersley Tue 14-Nov-17 14:36:51

Thanks. The 8 was in art if that makes a difference. I'm such an idiot I should have asked. Mind you they all seemed very happy with her so I guess I'll just leave it.

Scabbersley Tue 14-Nov-17 14:37:47

I doubt it is actual gcse grades, more something that uses the same numbers iyswim

TeenTimesTwo Tue 14-Nov-17 15:01:03

At our school they will 'seem happy' if the child is trying irrespective of their actual attainment. So I think you should find out what their grading means. After all, they're reporting it to you so presumably they want you to find it meaningful.

It could be old NC levels (though the 8 for art makes it suspect)
It could be 'carry on like this and you are on track for this GCSE grade'
It could be some school specific scale.

If you don't ask, and later you discover they were flagging up your child was going to fail / not get what you want for GCSEs, then you'd be pretty cross with yourself.

Scabbersley Tue 14-Nov-17 15:11:56

Ok it definitely didn't sound like she was going to fail but I will check k with them. I thought it might be a countrywide thing.

Malaco Tue 14-Nov-17 23:32:54

If it's like dd's school they get graded from 1- 9 each year from Year 7. 9 being the top mark.

Malaco Tue 14-Nov-17 23:59:02

The 8 was in art if that makes a difference
If it's like dd's school that means she's doing very well in Art. Like an old A*. 7 like an old A and 6 is like an old B i think. (Grading of how well she's doing at the year 7 work rather than how she would do if she took gcse now obviously!) Did the art teacher say at the parents' eve that she is doing very well? If so that suggests it might be the same grading system as dd's school.

clary Wed 15-Nov-17 01:13:05

At my school we give out targets and levels related to GCSE grades, but for year 7-8-9 they are more 2-3, in my subject (MFL) anyway.

A level 8 in year 9 even as an actual GCSE level would be pretty impressive! I would ask the school OP.

But I agree, most likely they mean she is on track for 8 at GCSE. What year? TBH it's a bit daft if it's year 7, how can they tell? I know I couldn't.

Giraffesarequitetall Wed 15-Nov-17 01:19:50

To confuse matters DS’s yr 9 progress report just came through with a mix of old NC levels and new GCSE levels!!

Scabbersley Wed 15-Nov-17 09:59:48

Ok heard from the year 7 head. They are grade levels from 1-9, so like the new gcses but based on what they are learning now, rather than her being already at A* standard in GCSE art grin. She's doing really well in art although at the moment I think its probably because she doesn't muck about rather than any massively latent talent. After CATS she got a baseline assessment of 5 in science (so a high C??) but is working at a 6/7 (a high B?? A-ish??). Basically she's doing well.

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