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Loved LEH but too far? And the cost!

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Whichschool2020 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:23:06

Went to the LEH open day this week and absolutely loved it. Of course, no guarantees that DD would get in as I got the impression from the day and from previous Mumsnet discussions that it’s prettu fiercely competitive!

But my question is really more about geography- we are in SW London- near ish to Clapham Junction- do you think LEH is just too far commute wise? She’s a highly energetic child who doesn’t need a great deal of sleep (!) and is super sporty. Looking at the coach routes, I could drop her to the south fields coach stop, which is 10 Mins drive from us.

The other thing is the money. It’s a LOT more expensive than schools such as Surbiton... is it worth it?!

She’s only year 4 but trying to compile a short list before we take her to visit in year 5/6. Thanks.

AnotherNewt Tue 07-Nov-17 18:31:14

I think it's a pretty inconvenient journey from Clapham Junction - the school coach service doesn't ' reach that far, so she's have to travel to Wimbledon if she was going to go by that means. And public transport doesn't work terribly well either.

What route were you thinking she would use?

The fees are typical, I'm afraid.

AnotherNewt Tue 07-Nov-17 18:33:53

Sorry, I was thinking more direct CJ area, not close to Southfields. The journey might work, assuming there is a space on the coach! Though do check about things like availability of late coaches, and how she would get there if she does a sport which has early morning training.

What other schools are you considering?

Whichschool2020 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:53:35

Thanks- yes we are more the wandsworth/Southfields end rather than the CJ end if that makes sense?

I’ve looked at Surbiton and really liked it, although have some issues over the fact that the sports facilities are not on site- that said, I liked the feel of it and can imagine DD there.

I have so many on the list to potentially go and look at, JAGS, Emanuel, Putney High, Wimbledon High, Alleyns, St Pauls, Streatham and Clapham... I’m aware that’s quite a wide mix. The main things I’m looking for is a school which will support her in the sport she does to a fairly high level at a club (gymnastics), generally strong on sport and pretty academic, as she’s the kind of child who needs pushing- she’s very able (not trying to boast) but as she finds her work fairly easy she needs somewhere where she will be challenged and stretched and not be at the top without trying!

I think as I research more I’ll find some of those schools I mentioned won’t support so much extra gymnastics out of school. So far, LEH, Surbiton and JAGS have said they would...

PinkSnail Tue 07-Nov-17 19:07:33

If she is into gym I think Putney High is meant to be very good in that area. I wouldn't send her to LEH bypassing all the very similar options along the way. Surbiton is quite a different level to LEH.
If I was you, I would look at PHS, WHS, JAGS, Godolphin and Latymer?
St P suits a very certain type of girl. I personally wouldn't send a DD there as I doubt a child of mine would be the type to suit that highly intellectual a bit liberal atmosphere. Amazing school for the right girl though.

AnotherNewt Tue 07-Nov-17 19:19:57

For a gymnast, I'd be looking first at SCGS and PHS.

For all round sportiness, Alleyns, Emanuel and (maybe) JAGS.

Whichschool2020 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:23:20

Thanks- sorry what does SCGS stand for?

jeanne16 Tue 07-Nov-17 20:24:51

If your DD is sporty, then the LEH coach won't work coming home. She will miss the coach home if she stays for rowing or matches and you will have to go there to collect her.

It is really crazy to choose a school so far from where you live when you have some very good ones on your door step.

AnotherNewt Tue 07-Nov-17 20:27:50

SCGS stands for 'l've had another typing malfunction' as it should be SCHS, which is already on your radar, Streatham and Clapham High School.

Sunshine5050 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:49:14

The LEH rowing is in Sunbury and not near any train station.

albertschoice Tue 07-Nov-17 22:22:13

The Southfields coach is doable from Wandsworth BUT with effort. It leaves Southfields at 7.30 and there is limited traffic on road so it’s easy to get to. End of day is more of a challenge. Late coach only goes to Wimbledon village rather than Southfields as they amalgamate the late routes - gets in around 6.50 - and most clubs are after school so pick up from there becomes your life. The 4pm coach comes back to Southfields. You also need to consider length of day, which because of bus journey is long, with a fairly heavy homework load - wouldn’t be for everyone.
Re sport, it’s less sporty than I had expected. Lacrosse a focus and rowing, I’d say netball bit less. There is gymnastics but don’t strike me as stellar. For gymnastics Putney High is strong. Music and drama at LEH very strong as are academics. Excellent headmistress.

Whichschool2020 Wed 08-Nov-17 00:30:01

Thanks for all the replies. I’m definitely going to look at PHS as it ticks a lot of boxes, academic, good on gymnastics and relatively local to us.

nocampinghere Wed 08-Nov-17 08:23:42

I know you've got the message but please please choose a school with an easy commute. Especially if you have a dd into lots of extra curricular. I am grateful every day that we didn't go for SWPS (our ideal school for dd) because the journey and day would have been far too long.

Also don't write off surbiton as not academic enough. There is more of a spread of ability than other schools - as in some girls there actually get B's (!) but the teaching is fantastic and the higher ability girls do really really well, as well as in other "more academic" schools.

Surbiton is amazing for gym too.

pixelchick10 Wed 15-Nov-17 00:52:21

My daughter went to Surbiton - got three A*s in her A Levels (sciences) ... 10 A*s in GCSES - I don't believe it made any difference her going there as opposed to one of the other more 'academic' schools in the area e.g. LEH. If you have a bright child, they will do well anywhere. As no camping says there is more of a mix of abilities there (some very clever girls too) which was perfect for my DD. Great 'value added' and teaching if your DC needs help with anything. It's also great for sport, drama and music!

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