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London Day school 6th form move

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Molly88 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:29:26

My DD is currently at boarding school in GCSE year. Her elder sister has recently left, we have relocated back to London from overseas and she's miserable. Considering trying to move her to a London day school in Sept. She's arty and bright, will probably get mostly A's in GCSE's but not super academic. She's worried about an all girls school being too cliquey. We looked at Queensgate which seemed lovely but so hard when comparing it to a boarding school with amazing facilities outside of London not to feel this would be a tough move. Has anyone done this move and any ideas of movement in the 6th form in day schools here and chances of securing a place when we have missed most deadlines.

AgonyBeetle Tue 07-Nov-17 08:34:09

If you can be persuaded to consider state options, and you are anywhere near north London, please do go and look at Woodhouse College in Finchley. They have an open day on 18th November, and applications don't close until January (as for most state sixth forms).

It's the complete opposite of cliquey, attracts kids from all over, including from private and selective schools, and everybody finds their tribe, whoever they are. It is a huge setup, but that comes with lots of options and a big friendship pool, and the pastoral and academic care is excellent, very well and efficiently-organised.

My dc was exactly like your dc, bright but not a superstar, not quite achieved full potential at GCSE, but left Woodhouse last summer having done the 'Woodhouse triple' (ie. all A and A*).

If you're worried about cliquey, then going somewhere where everybody is new completely gets around that, as they're all in the same boat and have to make the effort to find new friendship groups.

Needmoresleep Tue 07-Nov-17 10:08:14

I would not worry too much about deadlines unless you are thinking about the top tier schools. There is a lot of movement at this stage with brighter girls switching from the smaller schools to places like Westminster, SPGS, Kings Wimbledon, Latymer Upper etc. Schools won't know yet, and indeed may not know till Easter, how many they will lose, and so will be receptive to interest.

I would also not worry about lack of facilities, unless there is a specific lack of arts or science facilities in subjects your daughter may want to study (which is why bright scientists often switch to the co-eds). London has everything. DD played Club sport to a good level and was able to take herself by train. Both DC attended public lectures in subjects they were interested in. There is a huge range of art to visit.

Yes it may mean growing up a bit faster than in boarding school, but this is preferable than having to do the same growing up at University. London private schools, even those that might be considered second tier, normally achieve very good results. I would speak to the registrars of schools you might be interested in, and then go and look. One word of warning is that the smaller schools can vary a lot by year group, with some friendly and others less so. You only need a few Alpha girls to shift the balance. If you can, ask around. Also look at G&L and the GDST schools which are a bit larger so don't have this problem.

Mary21 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:19:15

Kew House school probably still has spaces.
If she is a Maths wizz King’s College Maths school deadline hasn’t,t passed yet.
Where abouts in London are you based.

QGMum Wed 08-Nov-17 08:00:39

Like pp said would you consider state schools? I'm considering moving my dd from private London day school to state for sixth form.

I had a look at Marylebone Sixth Form website and the leavers destinations are very impressive. Also It's co-ed. There's an open evening coming up later this month for Sep 2018 entry.

Molly88 Sun 15-Apr-18 12:12:38

Thanks for your replies. Of course I buried my head and hoped things would get better and did nothing! GCSE's coming up and DD still wants to move schools, she's spending time alone at school and not socialising. We went back to where we relocated from recently and she was a different child back to her social, chatty, extrovert self. As soon as she's back at school she shuts herself away, she has always had lots of friends but sadly isn't feeling she has at her current school. I will look at Kew House and Marylebone 6th form. We are in W London so Finchley wouldn't work. Also considering Bedales which is where DD would like to go. Would love to hear any views on Bedales. A Levels will be arts and humanities

cakeisalwaystheanswer Sun 15-Apr-18 17:42:26

Have you looked at any of the private 6th form colleges? DD wants to move to a 6th form college but DH has been a bit difficult about it. Since looking though he is happy for her to go to MPW, he liked it a lot for her. There's quite a few to choose from offering different things.

It may be easier for her to go somewhere that everyone is starting at the same time. Similarly, have you looked at Hurtwood House? it could be perfect for your DD.

Molly88 Sun 15-Apr-18 18:07:19

DH thinks Hurtwoood House is too expensive. Eldest DD did a retake at MPW it was good for her but wouldn't want DD to do 2 years there I think she needs more of a school environment.

Needmoresleep Sun 15-Apr-18 18:17:05

This is the right week to do a ring round of London private schools, as people who have decided to leave for sixth form will just have given their contractural terms notice. Try GDSTs etc.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Sun 15-Apr-18 18:36:24

Wimbledon High has a very good rep for Art and they lose a lot to Kings for 6th form, maybe look there if not too far away.
Good luck looking and please do update the thread, I'm looking at 6th forms myself!

Molly88 Sun 15-Apr-18 19:10:33

Thanks for that suggestion will give them
a call. Will
Update the thread! Such a hard decision to make

sanam2010 Sun 15-Apr-18 21:22:48

Try Lady margaret school in fulham as well, they do have 6th form places, very strong rep for art and small and nurturing.
If private is a must, St James is brilliant for art and has much nicer facilities than queen's gate. Am pretty sure WLFS would have 6th Form places as well.

elephantintheroom2 Sun 15-Apr-18 22:56:31

Bedales is a good school, especially for those on the artistic side. Students on first name terms with teachers and no uniform throughout the school, not just sixth form. It is however not a day school as has a lot of boarding. I wouldn't imagine you could commute from West London. Price wise I'm sure it's not far off Hurtwood House. Hope it works out for your DD.

Davros Mon 16-Apr-18 23:37:33

What about Ibstock Place?

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