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Parents Advice

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MaraFletchermummy Sun 05-Nov-17 22:11:32

Hi , doing this for my brother. We need an opinion from some parents . My niece is 15 in S4 exams this year. Her mum died when she just finished S1 . Missed some of S2, 50% of S3 (Tried phased return going in half days , working independently) she did well until a week before the October holiday perfect attendance , then unit assessments began , her anxiety seemed to just be all consuming again (was still anxious but seemed to be striving through until this point). She had 4 days off before end of term , the Tuesday morning after then hasn’t been in since. She is filled with anxiety and has promised to go to school tomorrow but I fear this isn’t the correct approach. She got pupil of the month last month in Biology. I plan to talk to her guidance teacher (her dad works full time). I’m not sure what to go in expecting , any suggestions as to what can be done ? Thank you in advance.

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