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Parents and exam choices

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Andi997 Sat 28-Oct-17 20:00:10

My son is at School in Scotland doing National 5 qualifications. The school decides based on prelims whether they will put pupils forward for the national 5 qualification or the lower national 4 qualification if they don't meet school criteria. I wonder if anyone knows what rights parents have to challenge this decision if they believe that it has been taken incorrectly.

It may be helpful to know: The school feels it has a position to hold in the league tables and he has been discriminated against as a result of his disability (the school have admitted and apologised for it)

ttlshiwwya Sat 28-Oct-17 21:31:28

Try posting on Scotsnet if you don't get any response here. My DCs school (way way down the league tables) has criteria for national 4 and 5 based on prelims but they are low e.g 25% or above for maths and there seems to be some flexibility. A couple of DCs friend's have been allowed to sit with really low prelim results. Prelims are late january/early february with results only available after feb half term so most of the national 5 course already complete anyway.

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