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Holland Park Art aptitude for Sep 2018 admission

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Mummynutty Sun 22-Oct-17 12:08:32

Hi all, would appreciate some advice on Holland Park admission through aptitude. Following the recent art aptitude test at Holland Park High School, we received a letter from the school saying that our daughter “achieved a score of 20 or more out of a possible 40 points” and that this “will allow consideration for admission through Art Apitude for September 2018”. The letter doesn’t tell us her exact score. Further, it says that the 24 aptitude places “will be allocated in descending order starting with the highest score” and that the highest scoring students will be made an offer on the National Offer Day and everyone else will be placed on the waiting list. It’s a hard call for us to make. Do we put Holland Park first and risk not getting a place? Or do we put our local school first safe in the knowledge she’d get a place there? Please has anyone been in a similar situation when your child scored “enough points” through aptitude but has not been offered a place? Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hersetta427 Sun 22-Oct-17 12:25:25

You don't not get a school because you list it's all down to how well you fit the admission criteria. You can safely list holland first with jeopardising your place at the local school when you list it second.

Taxminion Sun 22-Oct-17 13:28:05

If you don’t get an art aptitude place and don’t get in but fulfill the requirements for your second choice you will be offered that. Then if enough people turn HP down you MAY be offered a place.

I am sorry. It I don’t see the problem.

Mummynutty Sun 22-Oct-17 15:35:21

Than’ you, it’s always reassuring to hear other mums’ views. I guess we’ll just have to make a leap of faith and put HP first and wait and see what happens.

hillbilly Sat 28-Oct-17 01:13:06

What’s your local school nutty? I would say put HP as 1st choice if it is your 1st choice. Then if you don’t get the art place you have it as 1st choice regardless for your DD. K & C will offer place if eligible to lower choices if higher choice had not been given. I have a daughter at HP who got in on distance after not gaining a place on art aptitude.

CamperVamp Sun 29-Oct-17 01:39:39

It’s not a ‘leap of faith’!

List the schools in the exact order you prefer them.

The schools admit according to the published criteria. If your local school can offer you a place, and HP can offer you a place, you will be allocated whichever you have put higher.

CamperVamp Sun 29-Oct-17 01:46:08

Is your local school, where you would definitely get a place, your genuine second choice or are there others you would prefer?

You can put your local school last, if you know you will get in on distance. If there are other schools you would also like to try for.

BananaDaiquiri Sun 29-Oct-17 08:07:31

As CamperVamp said "it isn't s leap of faith"! Put HP first if you want it. This will have absolutely no bearing on the likelihood of getting a place at your second choice school. Places are allocated on the equal preference system. Put the schools down in your genuine order of preference, making sure you have a school somewhere on your list that you are likely to get a place at.

Greenthree Sat 31-Mar-18 14:50:30

Hi all my son is going to try for an art place this year if anyone has any advise can you please pm me as I would love to know what types of drawing they are expecting 🙂 thank you

hillbilly Thu 12-Apr-18 17:40:14

Usually it's a chair and a hand holding something. I think when my daughter did it a couple of years ago she had to draw her own hand holding a paperclip.

KingscoteStaff Thu 12-Apr-18 19:55:29

Last year (might have been the year before?) they had to draw their own shoe. Lots of opportunity for shading skills.

TammyWhyNot Fri 13-Apr-18 11:48:22

And for anyone reading the OP, thinking about next year PLEASE study the Equal Preference System which is law throughout England. (And possibly Wales: not sure).

The schools assess your entry only against the admissions criteria. They do not prioritise people who list them first, then second, and so on.

They tell the LA whether they can admit you, and then the LA offer you the highest school on your list that says yes. If you first choice say ‘no’ they allocate you your next highest listed school that can admit you based on the criteria.

The system is exactly designed so that you can safely list your preferences in the true order you prefer them, and NOT have to take risks or make ‘leaps of faith’.

Sorry to bang on, but so many people misunderstand this to their detriment.

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