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Dartford grammar school

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Shaheensayed1 Fri 20-Oct-17 17:19:16

Hi all, I am in a sticky situation at the mo. My son secured 390 in kent and we are ooc. Would anyone know if it's good enough for DGS? We live in deptford se8. DGS would be my no. 2 or 3 choice in caf.


Anne2300 Fri 20-Oct-17 18:51:35

You have a chance (last year was 387 on 1st March) but of course no one knows for sure. You have nothing to lose to include DGS as one of your 6 choices, but Deptford is a bit far and trains are not very frequent lately (I think every half an hour), so you need to consider travelling time and ease of journey.

MrsPatmore Fri 20-Oct-17 19:37:14

I'm sure that score will get DGS on the first round. I think trains are fairly frequent from Deptford to Dartford. It's straightforward with no changes and plenty of other DGS boy's travelling.

AQUYNH Sat 03-Mar-18 11:47:44

We are living in Bromley South.Our son has been accepted in Dartford Grammar school.Do you know what is the easiest way to get there?
Thanks very much for your advice

ReelingLush18 Sat 03-Mar-18 11:52:25

AQUYNH Use TFL route finder, or better still go and try out the routes with your DS.

truelove Sat 03-Mar-18 13:25:18

AQUYNH - DS is in Y11 at DGS and DD1 is in the sixth form. We are also in Bromley. There is a coach service that runs from Bromley to DGS - it is run by an independent company but if you contact the school they should be able to put you in touch. When DS was Y7, we were told the coach company would guarantee a place for all new starters. DS started travelling independently from Y8 as he does after school sport and music most days so wasn’t really using the coach service. There are various routes but from where we are, the best route is the 314 bus to New Eltham then train to either Crayford or Dartford. Alternatively, you go by train up to Hither Green, then to Crayford from there. The school is walkable from both stations but I think most boys get a bus. It’s about an hour door to door. Well done to your DS - it’s a fantastic school!

AQUYNH Sat 03-Mar-18 14:24:05

Hi Truelove. Thank you very much for your advice, it is so helpful .The 314 stop is not very far from our home , can I ask you how long does it take from Bromley to New Etham please? We are living close to St Mark church. Truelove, you mentioned that your DS started to go independently to school starting year 8 , is it not too young for them for such a long journey? Thank you for taking time to reply, we appreciate a lot. Sorry if I made some mistakes , we are French.

truelove Sat 03-Mar-18 15:34:01

DCs grow up very quickly when they move to secondary school. My DS very quickly became an expert on the transport network of SE London grin That said, lots of boys carry on using the school coach right the way through the school. DS prefers the flexibility of travelling his own way. The 314 journey is about 15 minutes I think but we are in Bromley North. Give the school a call on Monday about the coach - there are a few different routes picking up boys along the way.

truelove Sat 03-Mar-18 15:36:35 Here is the link to the coach company.

truelove Sat 03-Mar-18 15:39:45 Apologies - this is the correct link.

AQUYNH Sat 03-Mar-18 17:16:06

Thanks very much Truelove. Is it correct that in year 7, they have to go to play rugby every Saturday the first term ?Apparently your son is very happy to be in DGS, right? so we think that we have done the right choice. Some our son s friends have been accepted in St Olave and our son is a little sad but we try to convince him that this school would be a good fit for him. Thanks for the links.

seesea Sat 03-Mar-18 18:18:18

I would have thought it was very manageable journey from deptford.

Massive congratulations for those of you who had sons who managed to get into DGS.winewine

I can only imagine a great deal of work went in to secure a place.

Does anyone know what the cut off is this year?

My son is a few years off 11 plus being in year 3 but I constantly here about people tutoring from year 4, especially if they attend an average state primary.

I don't want to hijack the thread but if anyone could share the amount of work involved and when they started then that would be good.

AQUYNH Sat 03-Mar-18 19:00:27

Hi , I have just noticed that there are several buses (477-429-412)from Swanley to DGS.
How long does it take to get to school ?Is it convenient? Is anyone know please?

Thanks for your help

MrsPatmore Sat 03-Mar-18 20:11:19

Try the elevenplusexams forum for score details.

truelove Sun 04-Mar-18 10:24:13

In answer to the AQUYNH’s question re rugby, yes all boys attend Saturday morning rugby training in year 7. I’m not sure when they can stop as DS is in the A team so plays every Saturday until February half term then in 7s until Easter. Despite initial worries about the rugby from boys who’ve never played it, the vast majority really enjoy it and all get the chance to play in a year 7 inter house tournament in the first term. It’s a great way for the boys to bond in that first term, especially as the majority of them are the only boy from their primary school. We really could not be happier with the school - DS is very academic, sporty and musical and it offers many opportunities in all areas. I hope your son loves it too.

AQUYNH Sun 04-Mar-18 11:19:49

Thanks so much for your information. I am convinced of our choice now. Can I ask you at what time does your son has to leave and what time is he coming home?
My husband plan to move because he s afraid that it is too far for our son but I like so much living in Bromley that I don t want to leave here. I m trying to convince him through your messages that it is doable to live here .Dartford was our first choice because we really want our son to learn Mandarin.

truelove Sun 04-Mar-18 12:16:27

He leaves home at about 7.15 (or 7.30 if he’s getting a lift with my DD who drives to the sixth form). He likes to get to school early to meet up with friends, get homework done and it also allows contingency time if there are problems with trains/buses. I think the coach picks up at about 7.25 in Bromley if your son is going to get to school that way. He gets home anytime between 4.15 and 6 depending on whether he’s had rugby, athletics or a music club after school. My DS learns Japanese which he loves. He went on a 10 day trip to Japan last term which was amazing.

AQUYNH Sun 04-Mar-18 12:30:00

Thanks very much .Does your son play an instrument ? Our son plays piano and is in grade 5 (ABSRM).Fantastic that your son went to Japan. Does your son have time to do his homework with all the activities after school? He must be very smart. You are right for the coach but our picks up would be in Shortlands which is more convenient for him. So , think that we need to move then.Does your son take French in Year 8?

truelove Sun 04-Mar-18 14:52:52

Yes he plays two instruments and sings. In year 8, boys get a choice of French, Spanish, German and Latin - DS chose German. In year 7, like in any school, the boys learn how best to manage their time to ensure homework is done. DS gets lots of his done at school in breaks/lunchtime.

AQUYNH Sun 04-Mar-18 18:08:41

Thank you for all your information. I appreciate a lot. Fantastic for your son, he s playing 2 instruments? Can I ask you which instruments does he play? Does the school give some music lessons?Thanks

AQUYNH Sun 04-Mar-18 18:15:55

Tuelove, what time do they start the rugby on Saturdays please?Is it compulsory?Thanks

truelove Sun 04-Mar-18 19:10:41

He has lessons for one his instruments in school (don’t want to ‘out’ myself by being more specific) and does the other at home. External teachers come in for individual music lessons. I can’t remember what time year 7 training is on Saturdays - maybe 8.30 or 8.45 start but I’m sure if you give the school a ring they’ll let you know. As DS has matches every week, the start times vary and some of them are away at other schools. Forgot to say, there are also music scholarships available. You should get a form to apply in the joining pack and boys audition during the summer term for scholarships. There’s a financial award toward music lessons.

AQUYNH Sun 04-Mar-18 19:39:57

Do you mean a scholarship for individual music lessons ? How kind you are to give us so much information. Thanks a lot

blametheparents Sun 04-Mar-18 21:02:47


My DS is also at DGS - he in in year 12 now having been there since year 7.

It is a great school and I would highly recommend it. The support from the teachers is great and overall the teaching is of a high quality. My son studies Chinese and went to China for 10 days in year 11, he has continued to study it in year 12.

Remember that he school follows the IB programme for 6th form rather than A Levels.

AQUYNH Mon 05-Mar-18 10:00:43

To Blametheparents. Thank you very much for your information. I am happy then that our son can get in then. We chose Dartford due to the Chinese. Fantastic that they went to China, did he enjoy it?Is it in Shanghai?
Yes we are aware that it is IB Programme and not A level.

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