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Germany exchange?

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elfinmami Mon 16-Oct-17 15:36:08

Parent of a 11+? Would your DD be interested in an exchange in Germany? Mother of one, I host younger students free of charge on a reciprocal basis. DD is fluent in German, French and English, and would like to participate in a school exchange together with her exchange partner to practice “local” English (from two weeks to maximum one month). She has been to many short exchanges in France, hence quite experienced visiting other schools. She joined an Sailing School in England this summer where she got her Stage 3 RYA Certificate. DD is very academic and is attending a highly selective grammar school (I believe equivalent of Year 8. It is completely fine if your DD's school is another form). She loves math, physic and sailing, and plays the piano. DD is very friendly and a cheerful child always with a smile on her face. We are looking to host a girl between 10-13 with similar interests. I am happy to host her longer, should she shows genuine interest learning the German language. Please contact us if anyone is interested, references will be provided. We are currently living in Karlsruhe, a pretty town, south west of Germany.

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