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Schools in Winchester - Perins?

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JivinMissDaisy Mon 16-Oct-17 12:40:20

Moving from London to Alresford and DD has been offered a place at Perins. We had a quick school tour one morning, and I was not overly impressed. May be we just caught the school office and teachers on a bad day? Is it still a good school? No other offers came in from the Winchester State Schools, but St Swithuns is down the road ... except we are moving (back) to Hampshire (I went to Thornden School) because of the quality of the state schools. My DS is in Year 6 so will hopefully have some choice when it comes to his turn.

Wink1e Thu 02-Nov-17 00:03:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AvonCallingBarksdale Thu 02-Nov-17 08:55:44

Anither ex-Hampshire person here (Kings school). I have friends in Alresford and none send their DC to Perins. I think it’ll always suffer from the Kings/Beaufort/Westgate comparison.

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