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Transition into secondary

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Erin1234 Thu 12-Oct-17 06:58:59

My son is really struggling to settle, saying he isn’t learning and the children talk through class. He’s made Friends- I’m worried he will join them- advice- we are looking at other schools with him?

Teddygirlonce Thu 12-Oct-17 08:13:50

Erin1234, a bit early to really get an overview yet possibly? Perhaps consider seeing his teacher/Head of Year in the first instance. Or give your DS longer to settle before thinking about moving him to another school? I have heard it said it takes a year for children to really fully adapt to secondary school life? How do you know that moving your DS elsewhere would solve the things he's complaining about now? It could just be (in terms of learning) that the lessons are recaps for some to get all children up to speed, before the teachers forge ahead with materials that are new to all?

Traalaa Thu 12-Oct-17 08:14:13

What's the school's reputation like? Did you like it before he went? What are the school's results like? If good, then it must be doing something right, so I'd relax, tell him to give it time and maybe try and quietly find out more from parents of kids further up the school.

Rose0 Thu 12-Oct-17 10:28:35

It's a good sign that he's made friends! The first half term of secondary school is usually less about pushing forward academically and more about getting used to secondary school life. I wouldn't worry just yet - children who went to very good primaries often find themselves ahead at the beginning of secondary school too. And talking through class isn't unusual at 11 - especially when they're just establishing friends.

I'm fairly sure the most important things my DCs learnt in year 7 were how to tie a tie and how to get through a crowded corridor.

Pythonesque Thu 12-Oct-17 10:59:12

My son's in year 8 and last year he used to complain about how the other boys talked and messed around when he just wanted to get on with his work. He's in a prep school so didn't have the change of school to contend with as well. So some of it is just the age I would think. Keep talking to your son, keep an eye on things generally, but don't panic just yet. Hope things settle down nicely in time.

Erin1234 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:29:21

Thank you all- he is asking to look at other schools and asking when the 13+ is, which is unlike him. Have tried to speak to head and booked to see tutor. Even looked at private ( but cant afford it and I have one daughter in gramma and one in same school as son). Worried as he appears depressed, but I’m sure your all right and I need to give it more time.

Titsywoo Thu 12-Oct-17 14:48:16

I really would give it more time. Dd really struggled to settle in year 7 and found the other kids very different from those at primary school (much louder!). I was very worried for 6 months as she also struggled socially. I really thought we had made a mistake with the school choice. Now she's in year 8 and really happy. I think a month down the line is far too early to say. Have they been set yet? This helped for dd in things like maths as the distracting kids all ended up in the bottom set and she is in the top.

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