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Secondary school that don't set- NAMES, NAMES please, I want that

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Snowlake Wed 11-Oct-17 22:38:37

I am looking for such a school, so please do give me names and places where I can find such a school for my child. Thanks

in England

DizzyDandelion Wed 11-Oct-17 22:42:53

Just bumping you!
Good luck!

RedSkyAtNight Thu 12-Oct-17 07:52:28

I have IM'ed you (my DC's school does not set)

TeenTimesTwo Thu 12-Oct-17 07:54:03

Thornden School, Chandlers Ford, Hants. (Comp).
You will need to live in catchment, it's very popular.

iseenodust Thu 12-Oct-17 09:31:15

You're prepared to move anywhere in England for a state school ? Or do you want those within a reasonable journey time of a specific town/county?

2014newme Thu 12-Oct-17 09:33:05

Why do you want a school that doesn't set? I'm. Presuming your child is at the bottom academically?

Snowlake Thu 12-Oct-17 09:37:50

I am sincerely asking for names and places of the schools that do not set for my child, I will consider how to make it work, once I have an idea where they are. I appreciate ll the comments.


RustyBear Thu 12-Oct-17 09:38:34

Bear in mind that it's quite possible a school could change their policy during the time your child is there, and you might not be able to find another one within reach that doesn’t set.

steppemum Thu 12-Oct-17 09:49:28

I am really interested in why you are looking for this.
Is it based on experience/research etc?

Just curious really.

Around here they all set for English and Maths, but not for anything else.

Snowlake Thu 12-Oct-17 10:03:02

Please PM me or name change if you know any. Thank you.

steppemum Thu 12-Oct-17 10:07:40

OP - there was a thread very recently on this, and I think a few people mentioned their schools, so you could PM them for more details, the thread was in secodnary education and was titled 'secondary schools that don't set'
In fatc when I saw your title I thought it was the same thread.

KingsHeathen Thu 12-Oct-17 10:49:51

KEHS in Birmingham don't set. It's is selective, and independent though.
Why do you oppose setting?

AuntieUrsula Thu 12-Oct-17 12:32:40

Even Thornden sets for maths.

GallicosCats Thu 12-Oct-17 14:44:54

Thornden also sets to an extent in science. It's difficult to teach it otherwise when you get to GCSE year.

Snowlake Thu 12-Oct-17 14:51:57

Any other schools that Thornden? Please PM or name change, but let me know , thanks

QuiteUnfitBit Thu 12-Oct-17 15:56:17

I'm confused. If it's for your child, surely what the school is like is more important than whether it sets? If a lot of schools just, say, set for maths, would you not consider one of those that fits your child? That might be better than one that don't set at all, but isn't very good? (There don't seem to be many that don't set at all.)

I can think of schools that set just for maths, but not any that don't set at all.

Ta1kinPeece Thu 12-Oct-17 17:52:35

Probably lots

several of us know about Thornden because it gets amazing results while (partly) bucking the trend for setting

selective schools may be less strict on setting because they segregate out most of the kids beforehand

Snowlake Thu 12-Oct-17 23:05:05

I am just pursuing what is right for my child. If anyone has names, please do PM. Thanks

FAkenameforthis Thu 12-Oct-17 23:16:37

Just because they don’t set now, doesn’t mean they won’t in September, or the year your child would begin.

I call Daily Fail.

CruCru Thu 12-Oct-17 23:49:34

The Priory doesn't set.

PhilODox Fri 13-Oct-17 01:08:09

No-one will give you NAMES unless you say WHY you don't like setting.

ferrier Fri 13-Oct-17 01:15:14

Why would anyone want no setting in maths? The gulf between top and bottom ability is enormous.

camcam1 Fri 13-Oct-17 08:28:59

Hmmmm.... ignoring posters questions and only stating you want names: once you explain why you want the names of all the schools in England that don't set- will be happy to help

Snowlake Fri 13-Oct-17 08:48:05

I would think really those who want to continue the debate about setting generally can do so in the earlier thread here

This thread is specific to what is right for my child and I am asking those who respect parental choice and children's privacy to share information in a way that is comfortable to them. I am grateful.

PhilODox Fri 13-Oct-17 12:04:45

It's your right to be awkward, our right to follow suit.

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