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SET grammar schools(NON SUCH and wallington)how to prepare ?

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MRSMYM Wed 11-Oct-17 19:45:27

I want to prepare my DD for next year SET entrance exam for NONSUCH and Wallington high school.I don't want to pay expensive tuition, will practice at home. Any books ,Test papers, sample papers, links any recommendation will be highly appreciated as I am blank where to start from .

-Do they(nonsuch or wallington) have a mock test facility prior to exam?
-what i am understanding is , a child has to take an exam before even studying year6 curriculum because they held the test a year in advance .Is it right?

please help as i am new to this world ..


JoJoSM2 Wed 11-Oct-17 20:52:56

They do offer familiarisation tests but you need to sign up early as spaces run out quickly. The boys' schools offer them too and it's worth doing as many as you can. Other than that, just go to WH Smith's or Waterstones and get a bunch of 11+ books, like Bond, GL Assessment, Schoffield etc. Your daughter will be tested on English and Maths so get those two subjects (don't worry about verbal and non-verbal).

Dixiechickonhols Wed 11-Oct-17 22:17:02

If you look on there is a section for each area with specific advice

MRSMYM Wed 11-Oct-17 22:20:14

Where we can book familiarisation test ?cant find any ? Please help

JoJoSM2 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:55:51

They'll be advertised on the school websites. They happen about 3 months before the real exams but I'm not sure when they start advertising.

MagicMarkers Thu 12-Oct-17 22:35:46

Sutton Grammar School and Wallington County Grammar School do familiarisation tests around May. Wilson's School also started doing them this year. These are run by the PTAs of the school not the schools themselves. They are boys' schools, but girls can sit these tests too.
Keep an eye on their websites for when you can book around January.

Otherwise WH Smith is the place to go for practice books. Or Amazon.

MRSMYM Fri 13-Oct-17 08:46:23

Thanks everyone ..
If someone has experience what kind of test they conduct verbal or noverbal or numeracy literacy I mean what are the key areas we should work on for nonsuch and wallington high school ?

Any tips ?will defo buy books and papers for practice but I can't see any sample previous year papers online for nonsuch and wallington confused

JoJoSM2 Fri 13-Oct-17 09:17:03

As I said upthread - English and Maths only.

RueDeWakening Fri 13-Oct-17 12:07:31

There are no past papers available for any of the Sutton Grammars. Nonsuch and Wallington don't offer familiarisation tests, but all the boys grammars do and girls are welcome to book onto those once the dates are available (January or thereabouts, usually). If you are local and in receipt of FSM, Wallington Boys offers a familiarisation test at no cost, too.

The SET is multiple choice English (45 minutes) and maths (45 minutes). If the child passes the SET they are invited back to sit the 2nd stage test (joint for Nonsuch and Wallington Girls,and for Sutton and Wilsons - Wallington Boys doesn't use a 2nd stage test). This is another English and Maths paper.

MRSMYM Fri 13-Oct-17 12:39:01

Thanks a lot ,

So basically my daughter has to work on year 6 curriculum as well before even starting or studying it at school because the test will be in Sept octo time next year when she will just start year 6.

JoJoSM2 Fri 13-Oct-17 15:09:07

all the work can be done based on stuff up to Y5 but your daughter needs to be really clever - that’s what they are looking for.

MagicMarkers Fri 13-Oct-17 15:39:45

I have two boys at a Sutton grammar school and I don't know what's in the tests. The tests are taken from the children at the end of the exam and kids don't tell us much. The schools don't provide sample tests. I know what the creative writing tasks were in those years, but they're not going to repeat them.

The tests are in maths and English and you just need to get some 11+ practice books. You should also work on creative writing in case she gets past the first stage.

You do need to know to the end of Year 6, but if she's bright she should be able to do it with you explaining it. The top students in the class should hopefully be doing some of that work anyway.

MRSMYM Tue 17-Oct-17 10:27:25

Just want to confirm
If a child pass SET exams of both stages and live in a distance of 1 mile whereas another child who also passed both stages of exam and lives under 0.5 miles ,So who will get the priority on admissions criteria for nonsuch high school ?

Regards ,

RueDeWakening Tue 17-Oct-17 10:33:12

It depends on their scores.

You have to pass SET both papers, plus stage 2 both papers. Each paper gets scored, the scores get added together. The scores are then listed from highest to lowest. The highest scores in the different categories get offers. If the last place is between 2 identical scores, then the place goes to the child who lives closest to the school.

All this is explained in the admissions information on the school website though:

MRSMYM Tue 17-Oct-17 10:42:53

Thanks a lot !!
Can anyone tell me what is stage 2 exam for maths and English .

What kind of detailed questions they will ask in maths and literacy I can understand essay writing or creative writing??!

RueDeWakening Tue 17-Oct-17 11:06:59

SET is multiple choice and stage 2 is written answers in maths, I think (not that DD told me much about it!).

Stage 2 English is extended writing of some sort - might be a story, a persuasive letter, a diary etc.

MagicMarkers Tue 17-Oct-17 18:51:56

We still don't know in detail what is in the papers. It's the KS2 curriculum. Just make sure she does some practice papers and that she understands where she makes mistakes and that she doesn't spend too long on each question. There are some comprehension books too (Schofield & Sims).

RueDeWakening is right. The information on admissions is on the website. They have to publish their admissions criteria. It's not secret. It's not the same as other schools. Just read the schools' websites. It is much more reliable than people speculating on here.

MRSMYM Wed 18-Oct-17 17:32:05

Thanks !!yes ,I am working with my daughter at home
It seems like it's my exam 😩

MRSMYM Mon 12-Mar-18 18:17:56

I am so confused how to prepare a child for extended writing task stage 2 ??what kind of writing they have to practice story , letters or dialogues .Please help ??

RueDeWakening Mon 12-Mar-18 20:16:04

Could be any of them, there really is no way of knowing.

Sutton Grammar offer the extended writing mock on some of their familiarisation tests, and although they don't mark your child's work themselves, they do provide their script and a poor/average/good example of how the question might be answered. I found this very useful.

MrsFantastic Mon 12-Mar-18 23:37:15

You need to practise different styles of writing - diaries, letters, newspaper articles, stories, persuasive letters. A topic can come from whatever the comprehension was, expanding on a piece of text or just having to write a story based on a picture. Make sure she uses descriptive devices like similies, metaphors, alliteration, personification. You can google "creative writing topics" and find ideas for practice.

IntheMotherhood Tue 13-Mar-18 13:45:20

Ideally the main thing is for your child's teacher to know they will be sitting Grammar SET and for them to position class work appropriately. I appreciate all schools aren't as able to support, so parents or paid tutors need to plug the gap.

At home we did chukra online for reasoning practise in 20mins bursts. All multiple choice.
We also worked through Primary Maths Challenge past papers.

DS' school did plenty of past papers (useful for SET 2) all found freely online. This was in timed conditions.
We went through answers DS got wrong at home, in 20-30 mins bursts.

DS read widely throughout.

MRSMYM Tue 13-Mar-18 14:35:57

Thanks ladies for your valuable advice .School is not supporting at all so it doubles the work literally.

So a child has to write any sort of writing in 20 mins set time??
We are doing one creative writing topic on daily basis , Its just that there are so many things which needs organisation like what to start first and next ...

MRSMYM Tue 13-Mar-18 14:40:27

Thanks for your suggestions .. yes the problem is how to start and from where ? so many topics stressing me out 😏

IntheMotherhood Tue 13-Mar-18 16:46:37

No the 20mins timing is what we worked to at home only! It worked for us.

Please refer to exact grammar school to confirm timing of written papers! School did proper timed conditions so we didn't do that at home.

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