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Is there a set number of hours per school day.

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Dixiechickonhols Tue 03-Oct-17 15:41:33

Just curious. I know there is a set number of days teaching for state schools - 190 a year. What about hours?

Secondary School A, B and C and the 3 main ones children on my estate go to. C are noticeably at school a few hours less a week than A and B, last to get on bus and first back.

A does 8.50-3.45 (one finish at 2.30)
B does 8.55-3.25 (one finish 2.15)
C does 8.45-3 (one finish at 2)

Two are an academy, one a local authority school.

NapQueen Tue 03-Oct-17 15:43:04

The length of the school day doesnt reflect teaching hours though. The school with the longest day may have longer breaks or pastoral sessions.

ineedamoreadultieradult Tue 03-Oct-17 15:45:39

Our secondary school has a school day of 8:40 until 2:55 but it is very odd for a child only to be there these hours they have clubs/extra sessions running from 7:30 right up until after 6pm. You could just go for the school hours but no one I know of actually does.

Dixiechickonhols Tue 03-Oct-17 15:49:37

So are teaching hours set then NapQueen So 5 hours a day or whatever then upto schools to decide how to arrange. I did a quick google but couldn't see.

Quick glance on websites breaks looked similar. My brother went to a state school with continental hours and did 8am-2pm but then lots of sport in afternoons or extra curricular classes.

Lily2007 Tue 03-Oct-17 15:49:59

DDs school is 8.30am to 3.30pm, 45 mins lunch break.

ReinettePompadour Tue 03-Oct-17 16:27:58

1 local school has 8.45-2.55pm another has 8.30am -4.30pm. DDs school has just changed to 8.45am-3pm after previously finishing at 3.45pm. hmm

Guess which school has far better results and is always massively oversubscribed......its not the ones with the shortest day wink

Yes teachers have a maximum number of hours they can teach in a year. Its something like 1260 contact/teaching hours (I'm not sure of the exact figure). Most school try and keep it below that though.

MirandaWest Tue 03-Oct-17 16:31:11

DCs school is 8:50 to 3:25 with 5 teaching hours.

Used to be 8:35 to 3:35 I think but was 5 teaching hours then too.

Vietnammark Wed 04-Oct-17 05:23:16

DS, Year 5 at Prep School

8:20- 3:45

9 x 35 mins = 5 hrs and 15 minutes

Mominatrix Wed 04-Oct-17 05:39:45

DS's school is from 8:20-4:20 with 1.5 hours for lunch. 8 periods of class/day except for Friday (7).

kittensinmydinner1 Wed 04-Oct-17 05:56:22

DDs state secondary. 8:40-3:45 . 8 periods a day Monday-Friday.

youarenotkiddingme Wed 04-Oct-17 06:10:58

Ds has 5x1hr periods a day. 8.40-3.10.
They have 2 tutor times though and this is when students get interventions etc (e.g. My ds does lexia).

School he was at (secondary academy) did 8.40-2.30. 5 X1hr teaching but only 2 x 5 minute tutor groups and very short breaks. They Sen interventions after school which I didn't agree with - but that's another thread!

ifonly4 Wed 04-Oct-17 08:14:34

Don't forget break times - DD's old school started at 8.50, finished at 3.15pm and had 35 mins break.

Soursprout Wed 04-Oct-17 08:52:45

Dd's school is 8.40- 3pm apart from Thursdays which is 8.40-4.10
What I don't understand is that they only have 4 inset days per year when I thought all schools have to have 5

dantdmistedious Wed 04-Oct-17 09:02:05

Re - inset - dhs school do twilight inset for a couple of them which doesn't affect the kids but they finish a day or two earlier than other schools depending on how many twilight sessions they do.

They vote on it each year and they nearly always vote for twilights.

Soursprout Wed 04-Oct-17 09:07:46

Ah dantdmistedious .. thanks.. that must be what's going on
Forgot to add
The school has a morning break of 20 mins and a lunch of 40 mins

Soursprout Wed 04-Oct-17 09:10:01

Also.. the school only has 3 lessons a day ( except for Thursdays) Each lesson is 100 minutes

Heifer Wed 04-Oct-17 11:20:45

8.30 - 3.40. 5 hour long lessons per day, has a long lunch break. But she is expected to attend at least 3 lunch time enrichments activities per week.

Rose0 Wed 04-Oct-17 11:37:38

My secondary age DCs' school day consists of 5 1 hour long lessons, 30 minutes of tutor time, 25 minutes of break and 50 minutes of lunch. School day 8.30-15.15.

One of the other local comps does 8.30-14.45, but also has 5 hour 1 hour long lessons. They just only have half an hour at lunch break, 25 minutes at tutor time, and 15 minutes at morning break.

The grammar school not far from us do 8.50-15.40 featuring 4 75 minute lessons, an hour lunch break, 25 minutes of tutor time and 20 minutes of morning break.

So it seems to my 5 hours of teaching per day is the standard plus around 25/30 minutes of tutor time.

EduCated Wed 04-Oct-17 17:16:16

In England they must be open for 380 sessions - a session being a half-day, so 190 days. The length of the day is agreed by the governing body.

There's a parliamentary paper about it if you google "The School Day and Year (England)"

Logans Fri 06-Oct-17 00:57:30

Prep school here, just under 7 hours of teaching a day. BUT much longer holidays than State schools locally so I suspect it balances out.

Soursprout Fri 06-Oct-17 08:30:43

Yes.. I guess most schools would even out .
Dc's school is open for 188 days a year
I presume because it's an academy, it can organise its own hours.
It does one longer day a week so in terms of hours, it would work out to much more than 190 days

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