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Beaconsfield high grammar, and transport

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Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 17:17:54

Door to door we are I think 6 or 8 miles from the school. It says on Application data out of catchment up to 11.5 miles.
But it's over subscribed? How does this work why would they let in girls from so far out of catchment!
Does this mean we have to chance

SpringBreak Sat 30-Sep-17 17:24:06

It's oversubscribed because lots of berks / Herts / london kids apply but yes, since they added the additional intake class, you'd get in at 6 miles and most years at 8. If you're looking at 2018 entry, bear in mind that 2007 was a high birth rate year (though I guess if you were looking at 2018 you'd have presumably worked all this out and checked whether you're 6 or 8 miles - a massive difference in this context - before your child sat the exam)

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 17:39:23

Yes I know it was explosion year, it was a night mare trying tto work out which hospital would even let me in in labour shock because many round me shut their doors. I never thought of the impact at this stage though.

I have done no reaserch I am literally just starting out, dd is in year 5 and suddenly all this is upon us.
We can't tutor for a year either. How do we work out door to door and how do I find out how many from our area got in! What does second intake mean?

poisonedbypen Sat 30-Sep-17 17:43:56

It's the straight line distance. I think there are official calculators to do it for you. The distances for each year are on the BCC website. Big difference between 6 & 8 miles straight line distance. 2nd intake probably when they start on the waiting list. Have you looked on That's what people seem to recommend on here.

poisonedbypen Sat 30-Sep-17 17:46:30
This page might help

SpringBreak Sat 30-Sep-17 17:56:13

There's a straight line calculator on the Bucks website where you put in your postcode and it gives you all the distances they use to each school in county. One of the other grammars told me this week that there are often up to SIX rounds of offers after the initial March allocation - lots of people in Bucks apparently hold places while they decide about independent schools so places being given out until school starts pretty much! If you get a qualifying score and don't get the allocated school you want, you can apply to go on the waiting list which is entirely done by distance from the school (obviously only those who have already qualified)

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 17:58:28

6.9 miles.
So would this mean dd would have to get really top marks?

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 18:00:18

Interesting point about private. I have been on 11+ forum I a. I am struggling with the lay out of it I read stuff then see it was posted in 2008 or something!!

SpringBreak Sat 30-Sep-17 18:00:52

No - the mark is irrelevant- there is no preference for someone getting any mark over the 121 qualifying score. Once you have qualified, it's entirely on distance (first in catchment and then out)

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 18:13:25

That's heartening spring! Really heartening. I am hoping to get her some tutoring next year before the test to familiar self with technique so we may just scrape her in, and with 6.9 it's not too wild a thought we can get her ib!

Zodlebud Sat 30-Sep-17 19:48:21

Guessing you went to the open day on Tuesday and loved it? It's a great school and DH and I were very impressed!!

For us it would mean a house move though so we have been looking very carefully at catchment areas. On the stats you refer to I think that includes siblings. Seven miles out is really pushing it. You would need to be living very close to the school to guarantee a place.

There is a "hot spot" map generated online on website (sorry I can't post a link). The further out you are, the less chance of a place.

Much as we loved it we are worried about funding cuts. The brilliant sport, art, dance and drama will be the first to go.

poisonedbypen Sat 30-Sep-17 19:52:24

I think the distance went much further than that this year, so with a pass your DD should be fine.

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Sat 30-Sep-17 19:54:29

Yes we went to open day, it was my first ever though and yes I was really impressed. I had three different girls hosting us and all seemed very relaxed, honest confident, although a little girl doing the welcome speech was like a mini David Cameron!

When you say funding cuts - do you mean in general to schools or to that particular school. I am sure I have read about past misdemeanors and its already one of the lowest funded schools in the country?

Zodlebud Sun 01-Oct-17 21:05:15

I mean funding cuts in general. Some of the arts subjects are going / gone already at Dr Challoner's High, another highly rated Grammar.

BH is the best state school I have seen though as I loved all the other stuff going on outside the classroom. I do know that parents make significant financial contributions to the school though, through their Academic Development Fund and other fundraising initiatives. Maybe they will be able to sustain the school as a result?

Bornfreebutinbiscuits Mon 02-Oct-17 11:29:23

Funding cuts will affect every school though.
Its already under funded apparently there was some jiggery pockery a few years ago about a "new building" and no actual funding in place. There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding the school.
However in spite of current funding issues it still got top a level results in the country.

Its in super wealthy area and I suppose the parents are still saving on private fees even with large contributions!

SpringBreak Mon 02-Oct-17 12:09:06

they sold off land to build houses on a few years back, but that can only happen once. I wonder if their particularly poor funding record is because they have so few (no?) pupil premium pupils? I am aware from previous parents that the contributions are requested but many of the (even v wealthy) parents choose not to make any donation.
What are the arts subjects that Challoner's have cut already @Zodlebud? The head there was talking about how he puts a large proportion of his budget into staffing so that they get /retain the best staff and of course that made me want to know what they do not spend on in order to do so.

Zodlebud Mon 02-Oct-17 13:18:04

Dance has gone at Challoners. Drama is "being considered" apparently.

SpringBreak Mon 02-Oct-17 15:13:14

has it really? I know that they did dance as an additional GCSE after school hours last year (which seemed like a great idea)
Drama - that's a big surprise.
I don't know how BHS manage to have quite so many national champion sports teams with their funding troubles, but they seem to manage well on sport / dance / drama for now.

Zodlebud Mon 02-Oct-17 15:23:48

It's a fairly typical pattern in secondary schools at the moment and not unique. I think the difference is that in the more affluent areas parents are able to contribute to keep these things running.

My family lives in a different part of the country and out of six schools my brother visited recently, only one did GCSE drama. These subjects are bound to be the ones cut first. I just find it terribly sad.

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Wed 11-Oct-17 19:53:37

My DD is here, now in y12. We have been very happy with the school. She is an average girl but does well here. Many girls do exceptionally well. Some people say its very pushy but we have not had that experience. Many of dd,s friends travel more than 6 miles. I think its more important to look at the journey than the distance. There are quite a few school buses plus the train to Beaconsfield is used by some girls coming from London direction. With regards to things being cut, i personally connot see it. Sport, drama, music and dance are well supported by the school. The PTA is very active in fundraising through events, academic devolopment fund is voluntary. The issue with selling of land for houses dates back to money troubles from long ago. So i would say to anyone considering applying, go for it.

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