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Mayfield / Roedean / Woldingham

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CurlUpWithAGoodBook Fri 29-Sep-17 16:33:38

The above three schools I have learned about from MN. Dd is bright and sporty. We live in south London and are contemplating flexi or weekly boarding. Logistics are in hand. What I am interested in are recent experiences of these three schools: sport, breadth, headship, academic push when appropriate, culture,etc.

Many thanks!

merlottime Fri 29-Sep-17 20:14:49

My DD isin Yr 9 at Woldingham, and joined the school at the start of Yr7. She, and we, love the school. Their open day is tomorrow morning if you are in the area. The facilities are great - new science labs, good sports facilities, great provision for art and music. My DD is keen on drama and they have a 600 seater theatre with orchestra pit. More importantly the ethos is nurturing - they look for the talent in their students. They see the school as a community, and it is as important to them that the students get involved in extra-curricular and have a broad education, as they achieve academically. Exam results are good. It is not a hot house. The head is great - energetic, aspirational and caring. I'm obviously biased, for it was the right fit (at least so far) for my DD.

merlottime Fri 29-Sep-17 20:17:53

I should say that my DD is a day girl, but has friends who are boarders. In the younger years at the school there are more day pupils than boarders, but the balance changes as you go up the school. Lots of girls catch the train from Victoria or Clapham Jct straight to school (the station is in the school grounds and they run shuttle buses). Lots of staff also travel in on the train.

trudylady12 Thu 02-Nov-17 04:24:31

Have you decided which school for your DD? I am also interested to learn more about these 3 schools. Thanks!

TheletterZ Thu 02-Nov-17 09:34:10

As another option my daughter goes to Lord Wandsworth College, it has a lot of flexi/weekly boarders from London. It is a sporty school but also a big range of arts/ other activities (my daughter has picked dissection and ancient Greek for some of her activities!) We are all loving it, there is a great supportive atmosphere and they do stretch the children academically but not so that is the only focus.
My daughter is a day pupil but lots of her friends are boarders and they love it, so I'm sure your daughter will as well (which ever school you choose)

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