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Seaford College

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FfZzBbGg Thu 28-Sep-17 20:37:40

Does anyone have any recent experiences of this school? I've read the website and MN threads but I was hoping someone might be able to give me up to date experiences.

Is the school well run? Were you happy with your DC's time there? What was your experience of the SEN support? Is the school quite traditional?

FfZzBbGg Thu 12-Oct-17 22:51:09


Cwandry Fri 13-Oct-17 22:22:34

I have a friend with kids there and she loves it. Her older boy went through too and is now out working. It is not selective which they liked.

I have another friend planning to send their girls. Apparently it has a really nice atmosphere. That is all I know.

It is no where near me so didn't consider it,

FfZzBbGg Mon 16-Oct-17 16:06:19

Thanks. Good to hear the atmosphere is nice.

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