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Lancing College

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LadyEngland Tue 26-Sep-17 14:15:30

Hello all. I've visited many schools over the years but never Lancing College. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews but do seem to recall that its reputation wasn't great a few years ago. What's the situation now? Good, bad or ugly?!
With thanks in advance.

FfZzBbGg Thu 28-Sep-17 20:24:18

I'm sure if you were thinking about Lancing vs other local schools you would be very pleased with Lancing. Good results and they're currently investing money in building an Equestrian centre. Also a good Oxbridge %.

If you can look further afield though, then perhaps Lancing shouldn't be top of the list?

I think the feeling locally is that of the 3 Woodard Schools (Lancing, Hurst, Ardingly) Ardingly is the one to go for and despite its perception as less academic than Lancing, the exam results are actually higher and have been for years. The perception locally is that Ardingly is on the up and is thriving whereas Hurst is going through a definite rough patch and Lancing is trading on its reputation somewhat.

Having said that, I think if your number one concern was Oxbridge then Lancing might still be the best choice.

aud17 Thu 07-Dec-17 02:43:53

I am interested in Lancing too, but if compared with Epsom College, which one has good Oxbridge %? As Lancing has a farm, I wonder whether it is better for those who wants wants to study vet or related field in future. However, its sport activities seem less attractive than other schools.

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