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South Wilts UTC

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 21-Sep-17 20:11:28

Anyone know anything about this?

I know UTCs vary in quality, this is newish, no Ofsted yet.
Is it a place for aspiring scientists & engineers who come out with good GCSE and A level grades, or a place where disaffected youth go to with behaviour issues and low results?

user1483732237 Fri 03-Nov-17 23:19:26

Look it up on the DfE GCSE league tables: well below average progress, 29% achieving good grades in maths & English, 26% persistent absence. Certainly sounds like disaffected youth!

user1483732237 Fri 03-Nov-17 23:22:35

Would probably make it into one of the bottom 300 schools in England - out of 3000 odd.

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