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Which are the best state secondary schools in London?

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rainbowworld Sat 16-Sep-17 22:19:54

We need to move house and a good local secondary school is our top priority.

Next most important thing is house prices - our budget is 700k for a four-bed house.

And finally, a doable commute to west London (central line) is desirable.

Ideas please!

jeanne16 Sun 17-Sep-17 07:41:17

Waldegrave Girls in Twickenham?

lilybookins Sun 17-Sep-17 08:04:58

The Charter (North Dulwich)
Also Kingsdale possibly (west dulwich)

lilybookins Sun 17-Sep-17 08:22:55

Sorry I didn't see the rest of your post - £700k would not buy you a house within the v tight catchment of Charter. Kingsdale operates a lottery system so there is no catchment so you can effectively live anywhere - but obviously you wouldn't want to live miles away. You might find a property for £700,000 that's not too far - Crystal Palace area. No tubes in south east London but overground and bus routes to most areas of London are pretty good

Naughtyb0y Sun 17-Sep-17 08:59:01

Central Foundation Boys school in Islington. The results are phenomenal and the head is incredibly impressive.

Rose0 Sun 17-Sep-17 09:17:53

You could try south west London somewhere on the northern line (then change to central at Bank and Monument) such as the Tooting area, where there are a few four bed terraces going for £550 000-£700 000 (though quite a number fall just over that budget). That could put you in the area for Woodmansterne/Graveney/Ernest Bevin/Harris Academy Merton, all of which are outstanding, in terms of academics and other opportunities from what I know.

Teddygirlonce Sun 17-Sep-17 09:26:38

a few four bed terraces going for £550 000-£700 000 - are there? Know of two bed terraces in Tooting selling for well over £600K and not in good condition either (i.e. not renovated since the 1970s)!

There will also be a Harris Academy Wimbledon opening in time for the next academic year.

Sutton is more affordable and has five of the perceived to be the 'best' grammar schools (and their comprehensives are well regarded too) in London. House prices are more affordable (there's no Tube line that far out although bus and train links are good) and you could probably get a family home within your budget. But not particularly good for accessing West London unless driving?

ujerneyson Sun 17-Sep-17 09:27:40

Almost certainly JFS which had 92% A*-C this year at GCSE and 82% A*-B at A level plus about a dozen to Oxbridge. It has to be pretty much the best non selective state school in the country. Places are allocated mainly by lottery with a small number by distance and £700k would buy you a house close by but it's a Jewish school so you'd need to meet the faith criteria.

Rose0 Sun 17-Sep-17 09:30:28

Teddygirlonce I just had a check on "rightmove" and there surprisingly are - admittedly only 5/6 but they're there! The £550 000 one particularly surprised me. I suppose people may offer way over the asking price, but that's certainly the price offered.

Teddygirlonce Sun 17-Sep-17 09:41:41

@Rose0 off to check. That's unbelievably affordable for the area. What part of Tooting are these in - ex LA, I'm wondering?

noitsnotteatimeyet Sun 17-Sep-17 11:27:29

Graveney's admission area is very tight - I can only see this house in the right area for that budget

If you're in the catchment for Ernest Bevin you wouldn't be in the catchment for Graveney

Teddygirlonce Sun 17-Sep-17 12:23:07

noitsnotteatimeyet that looks like a house that time forgot....wink Worse state than the two bed one I'm thinking of that sold for over £600K (the latter much closer to St George's though).

rainbowworld Mon 18-Sep-17 20:40:46

South east London seem like a good option - any other good secondaries there?

Also - looks like Charter has opened a second academy, any feedback?

lilybookins Mon 18-Sep-17 21:10:51

Everyone I know is v happy with Charter East Dulwich...though only one year in. If you have a girl Sydenham school (formerly Sydenham Girls) is a fab school and v sought after especially last two years. Catchment getting increasingly small though but think you could possibly get house for £700,000 - crofton park/forest hill /Sydenham etc. Also in that area for girls is Prendergast Hilly Fields which has good reputation. Sydenham would still be my first choice though

Rose0 Mon 18-Sep-17 22:36:18

Oh my I didn't mean in the catchment for all four at once - just one or two max, and the odd property fitted that bill (in catchment for at least one).

You could go as far as Morden when you'd still be on the northern line and potentially try Rutlish or Glenthorne - or as a previous poster mentioned Sutton Grammar, though I heard it's very hard to get into. Cheam is also the Sutton/Morden way and meant to be very good (although has a very tight catchment I think and is pretty huge - I think around 2000 students!)

PurplePickledPlums Mon 18-Sep-17 22:44:16

Alexandra Park School in Muswell Hill is fantastic and a walk to the Piccadilly line but it would be a long journey.

rainbowworld Tue 19-Sep-17 00:39:26

Yes that makes sense Rose!

Rose0 Tue 19-Sep-17 07:45:10

Ooh - just sticking to the northern line purely for the commute (east change to central line), you could try the north of the line and look at Wren Academy or The Compton School (and then go from Totteridge/Woodside/a Finchley stop).

I don't know anything much about Charter, sorry!

Hayesking Tue 19-Sep-17 07:47:01

Southgate? Ashmole academy is very good although not a top school

Itsgoodforthegarden Tue 19-Sep-17 13:26:35

Shamelessly following this thread grin

reup Wed 20-Sep-17 20:32:02

Ealing - it's on the central line - has lots of secondaries - could just get a 4 bed in Hanwell for that price and crossrail is coming.

rainbowworld Wed 20-Sep-17 23:18:06

Ealing is a good option, as is north London / northern line.

Anyone know anything about state schools in High Barnet - part from the QE ones?

annandale Wed 20-Sep-17 23:24:33

I doubt it's the best, but I have at least one friend who won't move out of the catchment for Acland Burghley. If you can manage a 3 bed flat rather than a 4 bed house, it's an option.

JoJoSM2 Thu 21-Sep-17 00:35:55

You'd get the best of the best schools and a house on that budget in the boroughs of Sutton and Bexley. Not a good commute to West London, though.

Rose0 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:33:13

I think Wren Academy one Friern Barnet is meant to be very good - it's got a really outstanding progress 8 score (like the highest band you can get) and outstanding ofsted. I think it might be CofE though. Also Compton in the same area - I think it's very academic.

There are the twin QE schools which are grammar schools but also meant to be excellent, and then Mill Hill County used to be very well regarded but I'm not sure what it's like now.

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